10 Easy-to-Grow Plants for Outdoors

“If you want to develop an beautiful landscape but wants to have minimal maintenance on it, then you should pick plants that are easy to grow and won’t require much of your time. In just no time, you will see the beauty of your effort.”


Picture of a daffodil flower, also known as Narcissus. - David Beaulieu

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1.  Daffodils: Bulbs That Pests Don’t Eat

One of the biggest challenges in growing spring bulb plants is keeping pests away from them. Those underground bulbs are rich in nutrients, and pests such as squirrels may dig them up and eat them. Crocus and tulip are two spring bulbs difficult for me to grow, thanks to the multitude of gray squirrels in my area. Deer are another pest that plague these beauties of spring.


Lenten rose (image) is a shade plant that blooms early. It's a hellebore. - David Beaulieu

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2.  Lenten Rose: Low-Care Shade Perennial

One thing I like about Lenten rose is the fact that its “bloom” lasts so long — without any help from you. I place that term in quotation marks because it’s not the true flowers that beginners are referencing when they marvel at this plant’s color display, but rather what are known as “sepals.”


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