11 Insider Secrets For Growing The Most Flavorful & Abundant Herbs

“Planting herbs is not a one time big time success. Some could grow their herbs without exerting too much but I know a lot are struggling to grow them in their homes. Well, I hope that you find this article helpful in having your mini herb garden at home.”


There’s some advantage to growing herbs in pots and keeping them in the kitchen window sill. When you want a sprig of thyme or a few basil leaves to add to your pizza, they will be accessible. But these small plants will not give you enough raw material to make sauces or for drying and freezing. If you want an abundant supply of fresh herbs, grow them in the ground or in large raised beds. Large tubs may be considered for extremely prolific herbs that tend to encroach into the space of others.


11 Insider Secrets For Growing The Most Flavorful & Abundant Herbs

The following tips will help you have an abundance of herbs round the year.

1. Choose the location carefully

Location is important for an herb garden. The plants should receive plenty of sunlight, especially morning light. And they should be accessible for frequent harvesting. Importance should be given to the specific growing conditions of the herbs you want to grow.  Some like it cool and dry while others do best with warmth and constant moisture. Some like full sun, but others need partial shade.

In a dedicated herb garden, you can group together herbs with similar cultural needs. Some gardeners find it beneficial to plant on slopes where herbs with low water needs can occupy higher ground and those needing extra moisture can be planted at the bottom.

2. Start with good quality plants

You can start herbs from seeds, from cuttings taken from established plants, or from divisions of larger clumps. Nurseries may stock many named cultivars of popular herbs. Whatever your source, the plants you start with should be healthy and strong. Weak seedlings and pot bound ones often fail to thrive when you transplant them to the herb garden.

Different modes of propagation suit different herbs. Some are best grown from seeds but a few, like chives, give better results when started from divisions …


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