12 Water Plants

Landscaping designs often incorporates water feature in it to make it more refreshing and inviting. But you wouldn’t want to leave it empty and bare especially if you are putting a small pond in your landscape. This is now where water plants are necessary. If you want to have one in your home, consider these plants in the future.


1. Brighten Up a Bog

Caltha palustris, or marsh marigold, is a little beauty that is at home at pond’s edge or along a stream. In early spring hundreds of bright yellow, buttercup flowers dot the green carpet of foliage.

Brighten Up a Bog

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2.  Add Drama to Damp Areas

Striking spikes of crimson calyces with pink to orchid flowers tower above deciduous, lance-shaped, hairy leaves in early to midsummer with Primula vialii.

Add Drama to Damp Areas

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