13 Chairs for Master Bedrooms

“Ottomans are one of my favorite seats to incorporate in the bedroom as I can do so many things with it. Well, how about you? What do you have in your room?”

1.  The loveseat

This is my favorite bedroom seating option when space is limited.  All you need to do is place a loveseat at then end of the bed and voila, you have a small sitting area.

Loveseat with coffee table at the foot of the bed

Master bedroom with loveseat at the foot of the bed

2. Bench

If you prefer something less expensive and simpler, a simple bench (with or without cushioned seat) offers a decent sitting option – although it’s ideally suited as a sitting option when getting dressed.

long bench placed at the foot of the bed

3. Ottomans

Ottomans are popular and serve many more purposes than merely a footrest. they can serve as coffee tables and of course seating. You can opt for one long rectangle ottoman placed at the foot of your bed or go for two smaller ottoman (round or square) placed at the foot of your bed.

Leather bench at foot of the bed

two ottomons at the foot of the bed in master bedroom


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