15 Mind-Boggling Asian Bathroom Designs That Will Inspire You

“With the diverse culture here in Asia, it is no longer new to us the differences in how we design our very own home. But one thing is most common in all; it is incorporating nature in it. Whether in our bedrooms, living rooms and bathrooms, one this is for sure we want to feel relaxed and comfortable in it.”

When it comes to home design, one culture that has set the bar pretty high in terms of style is Asian culture. In the West bathrooms can look a bit dull, but that’s not the case in Asia. The bathroom designs that you will find there are awe inspiring, and look gorgeous. If you want to redesign your bathroom, why not try an Asian approach? Don’t believe how good it looks? Here are 15 mind boggling Asian bathroom designs to look at.


This bathroom just gives off a serene feeling that will relax you while you are having a dip in the tub with natural light coming into the room.


For a brighter design you might want to go with a white bathroom, and dark cabinets like this one. The Asian style window also allows for sunlight to enter.


Doors are unique in Asian bathrooms for the sole fact that they’re mostly transparent. It gives a nice detail to the bathroom, and makes it feel more open.


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