15 Welcoming Rustic Entryway Decor Ideas

Design your entryway with rustic decors! Don’t wait until your guests are inside for them to be impressed with your interior design. Here is a great article I’ve found on decorating your entryway and foyer.

What’s the coziest decor style? Rustic, of course! This style is so welcoming itself that sometimes just several rustic details are enough to create a comfy ambiance. Today we’ll have a look how to create such an ambience in your entryway as it’s the first inner space your visitors see, and that’s important to make them feel at ease and comfy.

a cabin feel in this entryway is created with unique wood wall covering

Wall Decor

How to decorate your walls to make them look rustic? Wood is the answer! If it’s an entryway, why not clad them with reclaimed wood of your choice – completely or partially? Another idea is to go with similar tiles or even wallpapers to spend less time on that. You can also rock a rustic gallery wall, with vintage rustic frames, artworks and signs.


There’s a wide range of rustic furniture to choose from, and of course you can craft some yourself – this way it will be fully customized for your space. As we are speaking of entryways, it’s usually a bench or a console table, or both. Rustic pieces with a vintage feel are right what you need in such a case, and they can also have a shabby chic feel. One more idea is a large shelving unit with cabinets, it can be clad with wood and painted white for a cute rustic look. Enjoy the ideas below!

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