20 Beautiful Living Rooms with Geometric Carpet Patterns

In home decorating, you can create any atmosphere in your home by choosing the right carpet.


In purchasing carpets for your living room, you always consider a couple of things, because obviously, you wouldn’t want to just buy a certain carpet and decide to place it in your living room. We should always consider design, color, size, even the fact that would it match or complement the furniture in your space and how much your carpet choice is.

Below is a list of 20 Beautiful Living Rooms with Geometric Carpet Patterns. Some of them are common designs that I think you’d actually like – some of the colors are really nice too. Take a look at the living rooms and imagine how much similar your living room could be to one of ones in here and see what the design and color of the carpets used in them. Check out the pictures below and pick a favorite!

1. Annapolis Plan at Victoria

Annapolis Plan

Meritage Homes

The first living room we have on this list is something from Meritage Homes. The black and white concept and color combo of this space is a classic and this living room looks really glamorous because of the beautiful carpet used in here.

2. Ballpark Condo

Ballpark CondoSHD

Susan Diana Harris Interior Design

This condo sure looks orange enough that whoever loves this color would really enjoy it. I mean, it’s nice to have this color in your house if you live in cold place because this color sure is warm. This color actually is ideal for fast food or restaurants because it sure stimulates appetite.

3. Belle Island

Belle Island

Joshua Smith Inc.

The printed design on the carpet is a bit subtle, but when you look closer, you’d see how pretty it actually is. Even when people use a light-colored carpet, maintenance is one issue to consider; but today’s technology allow having appliances to help us in cleaning and maintaining the cleanliness and beauty of our homes and our carpets.


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