20 Unusual Interior Decorating Ideas for Wooden Stairs

“Stairs should not be the usual boring part of the home. You must always think of a way to entice and improve your home in different even if others would question you. At the end of the day, it would be and your family whose going to live in your place.”


Stairs are permanent architectural features hat are not easy to change.  or just plain old stairs. Staircase design changes can be expensive, as well as adding new stairs to your home interiors. Creative interior decorating with paint, wallpaper, tiles or salvaged wood pieces instantly create a new staircase design that makes a statement.

Functional elements of house design, wooden stairs provide beautiful surfaces for creative painting and decorating with wallpaper and other materials. Old wooden stairs can look bold interesting adding to aesthetic appeal of interior decorating.

With some imaginative staircase design and creative decorating ideas, your staircase design can become one of the most attractive architectural features of your house. Old wooden stairs will look warm and fresh, decorated with bold painting, modern wallpaper patterns and creative designs.

Decorating wooden stairs with paint, stencils and recycled items

colorful painting ideas for wooden stairs

Removing old carpets and returning the wooden stairs to their former beauty with sanding and staining or painting are great ideas for creating a beautiful staircase design. Stenciling is another wonderful ideas for decorating wooden stairs and giving a personal touch to your old staircase design.


Maximizing hidden space under wooden stairs works wonders for interior decorating and decluttering. Storage boxes and shelves for books, shoes or small things help keep the house tidy.


black and white stairvase design

Useless items and old broken things can be attractively incorporated into unique staircase design. Broken tiles and mirror pieces are perfect materials for striking, unusual and surprising decorating design. Old keyboards and pencils, wooden rulers and small gears, salvaged wood pieces and sea shells can be used for decorating old wooden stairs risers.


Funny and cheerful phrases and colorful decoration patterns look fantastic on wooden stairs risers, motivating and improving your mood. Here is a collection of 20 very creative, whimsical and clever ideas for decorating old wooden stairs. Check them out and get inspired for creating your own beautiful staircase design.

painting ideas for decorating wooden stairs

Recycling wood rulers, keyboards or broken tiles for decorating wooden stairs

recycling wooden rulers for wooden stairs decorating recycling keyboards for wooden stairs decorating


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