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How To Child-Proof Your Kitchen

We always wish the best for our children. We always try to keep them away from harm specially when they aren’t in the house. Nevertheless, accidents are certainly not mainly dealt with outside as the majority of the times it takes place in the house. Your kitchen for instance is probably one of the most dangerous sections of your house. This room quite often consists of a lot of sharp items, powerful appliances, and sources of extreme heat. If you can’t exercise sufficient safety when working in the kitchen, you may put yourself and others at risk of suffering serious injury or even death.

i.    Keep the floor clean and arranged
Each parent knows that youngsters are certain to come tearing through the house whilst chasing one another or the pet dog and can easily slip on smooth surfaces. This can be most evident and unsafe when it concerns the kitchen. Kitchen floorings are prone to spillages that will make it be slippery. Also, keep the floor free from clutter in order that nobody will fall because of any blockages.


ii.    Do away with dangerous items and dangerous habits
Youngsters love to tug on the corners of tablecloths, wires of kitchen blinds/electric coffer pot/toaster etc that hang. Hence, switch to tablemats and use self-adhesive window films/wooden shutters in your kitchen. Likewise, maintain electrical cords for your appliances away from the child’s reach. You ought to avoid using small magnetic cabinet keys or kitchen magnets that are choking hazards.

iii.    Block access to dangerous things
Put in a child-safety gate in the kitchen doorway to ensure children do not enter the kitchen while you’re away or without your permission. Keep all sharp objects like knives, forks etc. in a different cabinet together with harmful stuff like matches, cleaning fluids etc. A cabinet need to be at a height, therefore being attainable just to adults. Make sure your kids are safely away when pouring or stirring hot liquids. Precisely the same rule applies while you are frying anything. And don’t leave a hot utensil near a kid even when it isn’t on the stove.

iv.    Practice safe cooking
Turn the handles of saucepans in when you’re cooking: This will stop your toddler from reaching up and pulling the pan off the stove. If you’re able to, try and use the burners at the rear of the stove. Additionally, never allow your toddler to sit down on the countertop. Whenever your toddler is in reach of kitchen tools, you are getting trouble. You also do not want your child to think that it’s okay to be sitting there, or next thing you know, they are climbing up the following day. It is also advised to spend on smoke alarms, fire extinguisher and fire blankets.

Gardening in Clay Soil Hints and Tips to Help You

“Anyone can have different types of soil. Therefore, we cannot just assume that just because your neighbors have clay soil, you will too. Clay soil is sticky but smooth, and can be rolled into a tight ball. So before you do anything on your garden, you need to confirm first if your soil is really clay.”


What is Clay Soil?

gardening in clay soil - cracked clay soil


Have you got clay soil?

Clay soil is:

    • solid and sticky when wet
    • it will easily roll into a ball when wet
    • when dry, it is solid and lumpy – may crack
    • it drains poorly, and may often get waterlogged
    • difficult to dig
    • often neutral pH, or alkaline


How to Improve Clay Soil

Gardening in clay soil can be really hard work – it’s tough going getting a spade in…

…but, digging your soil will really help to improve it’s condition, by:

    • breaking it up
    • getting some air into it
    • Never dig down through the yellow, white or blue subsoil, or mix it with the topsoil
    • Dig the topsoil only, and mix it with lots of organic matter, such as:
      • compost
      • composted bark
      • leaf mold
    • Also add some horticultural grit
    • Autumn is a good time to do this – so winter frosts can help break up the soil structure even more, and open it up more too.
    • Try not to tread too much on the soil, as this compacts it back down again.




Building a Small Water Garden

“Gardening with water feature is now widely adapted not just in commercial organizations but also in homes. From using waterfalls and streams, ponds, fountains, and containers of various kinds some of which are as simple as a small indoor fountain with a recycling pump is now incorporated in most gardens. However, it might not be easy to develop if you don’t have any background at all. So here is a guide to give you some tips on water gardening.”



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A serene, reflective pool has its allure, it’s something that has always drawn mankind. There is something about water that relaxes us, that makes us feel peaceful and calm. It resonates with a deep inner part of us, a part perhaps long forgotten, but the connection is still there. After all, water is the very stuff of life itself.

Water features are becoming common additions to gardens these days, almost to the point of becoming clichéd! Unfortunately, they are more often than not just lifeless statues with flowing water. A pond has a far greater attraction than a plain old water feature, as it’s literally brimming with life. Anyone who has ever seen children around a pond, especially if it has fish in it, will know what a captivating effect it can have.

Most people in an urban setting have neither the space nor the expertise to construct a full-sized pond, but that doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy the benefits of a small water garden. Water gardens in containers are easy to build, and “half-barrel” water gardens are becoming quite popular for that very reason. Using a real wine barrel cut in half, or a similar sized plastic container, a water garden can be completed in an afternoon.

Beyond mere aesthetics, a water garden has its place in a permaculture garden. It can be used to grow edible aquatic plants and fish, provide a breeding site for rare and endangered fish or frogs, and produce many other valuable outputs.

A water garden is an aquaculture system – a diverse aquatic ecosystem, one of the most productive and efficient systems around. They are far more productive than any land based systems. This is because in an aquaculture system, aquatic plants have a constant supply of water that has nutrients dissolved in it, which they can easily take up. The waste from fish and other animals in the system provide additional nutrient to the plants, making for a very efficient and productive system.


Part I – Basic Water Garden Design Theory

In any water garden or pond, one of the most basic requirements to create a stable aquatic ecosystem are the various types of plants in it, each of which plays a specific role to support and sustain aquatic life.

There are four categories of water plants that can be included in a pond to achieve perfect balance.

  1. Rooted floating plants, such as water lilies
  2. Marginal plants
  3. Submerged (oxygenating) plants
  4. Floating plants




Image source: Virginia Cooperative Extension article, Urban Water-Quality Management: Purchasing Aquatic Plants. ID 426-044


Lets have a look at the four categories of aquatic plants in detail:

1. Rooted Floating Plants

Rooted Floating Plants, also referred to as Deep Water Plants, have their roots sitting in the bottom of the pond (or in a container on the bottom of the pond) and their leaves reach up to the water’s surface. They are sun-loving plants and can …


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85 Colorful Furniture Designs

“Are you tired of your old same, plain looking furniture? Are you up to something bold and exciting? Why not give some though on this colorful and unique furniture that will surely make your home pop out.”


Hippy-Chic Furniture


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Ways to Decorate a Wall



You have looked around your property, and something is just not sitting well with you. You’re feeling that it’s missing that one thing, and it is looking a little boring and even out of date. Though there are many things you can do to change the appearance of your space, one of several least difficult, quickest, and most economical things to try is enhancing your walls. Whether you use paint, stencils or wallpaper, there are several methods to enhance your walls while still sticking with your interior decor budget.

•    Stencils

Stenciling your walls is a budget friendly undertaking that can be done on your own. Stenciling lets you create your own personalized touch to your wall space and put you in charge of the size, shape and style of your venture. Your local crafts and arts supply store will have a nice collection of designs but purchasing online provides almost an infinite source of selections. Just ensure that the theme you’re looking at will complement the style of your room.

•    Accent Wall

It really is pretty evident that individuals have concerns on playing with colors to their homes. Many is going to prefer to just go for the neutral and basic colors because they are scared that their color decisions might make the property smaller or darker. Sure, this in fact is true particularly if you are not expert enough on wall colors and you can’t have an interior designer to assist. But should you desire to make your house pop, why don’t you just paint an accent wall. An accent wall is the unique color that you will paint to one of your walls. So rather than painting the 4 walls with one hue, you’ll make an exclusion to one. Painting it with a unique color can certainly make it get noticed and then you can start to incorporate interest to the wall and décor it as you like. It’s the soundest approach to work with painted wall since you can just repaint the accent wall if you change your mind and want to have a uniform wall.

•    Textured Wallpaper

Painting the property with plain solid colors is regarded sometimes as passé as there are already various interior design techniques that are popular not just for houses but additionally in businesses. Such as the textured wallpapers. Trying a bold and textured wallpaper on among those walls is usually a sure faster way of putting some spice and depth for your senses. You would like your eyes to have a wide variety of interesting, desirable details to look at without getting too messed up.

•    Art or Mirrors

There are other methods to cover a wall instead of just using paint or wallpaper. Instead of hanging art work and decorative mirrors sporadically throughout the walls, why not choose one wall to house all of them? It’s been a go-to trend for wall decor for several years already, and is a look that probably will not be vanishing any time soon. Should you be going to adorn with art, try to stay with items that are similar in theme, along with colors that complement each other, and change up the sizes for each piece. When working with mirrors, use ones with assorted frames and sizes to develop a piece of art with no paint!

Metal Roofs: Color Choices

Selecting your roof color may be the least of your concern. Since this is the section of the home which we seldom see and take notice, we can find it difficult to decide to what color we would wish to have at home. Sometimes you may decide to just replicate your neighbor’s roof in order that you won’t need to trouble yourself anymore. However to raise the curb appeal of your property, you have to take extra time and effort to have the best one that fits it. Below are some tips.

i.    Earthy colors
Choose a roof that enhances the other colors of the outdoors. Dependent on your landscape, you may decide on an earthy color as it may look off when you add a pastel roof for green and woody setting. An oak-colored exterior paint flatters a sunlit house which has flower boxes and high shrubs. In case your residence is nicely tree shaded, mahogany-colored paint brings up the feel of a woodland property. In both cases, finishing the door with a medium to dark sage paint wraps up the earth-tone effect.

ii.    Bright colors
It is unusual to find bright colors being utilized on metal roofing. This is because the colors are usually hard on the eyes and they have a tendency to take away the attention of many people. Although, the colors have these disadvantages, they can make it easy to point people to your home. Most of the bright colors which you can use are: red, blue and orange. It’s advocated that you should make use of these colors with careful attention since they can easily break the appearance of the house.

iii.    Contrasting colors
Contrasting colors are colors which are found opposite each other on the color wheel. The easiest way of utilizing these colors is making sure the color in your home is different from that of the roofing. For example, should your property have red bricks; you must have a green roof. For more information regarding contrasting colors you need to consult someone skilled who will guide you. It’s also wise to use the internet and you will certainly get some good options.

iv.    Neutrals
Neutral colors are the safest and most common colors used by many. These colors can easily attract lots of people and it’s your best option if you want a roof that can easily catch the eye. Neutral colors are gray, black, and white. You ought to note that gray appears elegant on homes that have already been painted with other shades just like blue and green. Brown however looks fantastic on a home which has already been painted with a warm color just like red or orange.

These are some of the great color options which can be used on your metal roofs. As mentioned, when you are unsure of the way you should make use of the colors, it certainly is best if you seek the services of a professional who will help you.

12 Remodeling Errors: Bathroom

Development of a small bathroom is just as important as enhancing a master bath. Yet very often, home-owners take countless erroneous actions that lead to several bathroom design blunders. Not simply the traditional bathrooms, but those designed on modern lines integrate shocking slip-ups. A number of these mistakes have been pinpointed below:


Next Bathroom Renovation


1)    Due to such negligence in pre-deciding the time frame of the project, many a times, a bathroom construction or remodeling project gets delayed indefinitely. Construction can begin only when the requisite product reaches the spot.

2)    While dashing with the process, the development personnel overlook to put in sufficient wall blockings for grab bars, towel bars and toilet paper.

3)    Home owners also have the inclination to rush no matter if things are not yet sorted out fully. They will want to start straight away even if the materials usually are not fully supplied yet. They would start the demolition job without even acknowledging that there are still materials or fixtures that can be used again.

4)    One of the leading errors with regards to renovating the bathroom is overlooking the plumbing areas. There are times the companies merely focus on the aesthetic features of the bathroom without looking at the more significant things. They don’t give sufficient space or thought on future plumbing concerns.

5)    Yet another plumbing related problem is that homeowners at times get captivated with modern shower accessories, however fail to realize their financial restrictions. They give a go indication to repositioning the plumbing fixtures without estimating the load of this job on the entire budget.

6)     Some bathrooms have poor ventilation. Some don’t have any windows. For this reason moisture and smells stay trapped in bringing about an unhygienic reproduction ground for would, mildew and bacteria.

7)    Storage ideas are usually not integrated thus bringing about space issues.

8)    Adding huge bath tubs consume a lot of floor area. So moving around in a bathroom gets difficult.

9)    To be able to lessen expenses, quality has been neglected to save on second-rate materials. Yet down the road, it can be realized that quality could save you on maintenance and repair in the end.

10)    Electrical components are often overlooked in bathroom refurbishments. Due to some changes, the electrical circuit might not be exactly like before or there might be an additional fitting required yet are overlooked.

11)    There are no funds allocated for hidden damages like molds or alike.

12)     Improper doorway location, cramped toilet location, much less leg room around the toilet seats, etc. arise because of insufficient clearance in the plan.

Prior to we make any decision, we’ve got to ensure that we already have carried a concrete plan. Stick to it and avoid making the same errors as pointed out above. In this way, you could make certain you will enjoy a great bath in your new bathroom.

How to Kill Crabgrass

“Crabgrass is probably the most common garden weeds that are definitely hard to remove. Sometimes you’ll just give up as if there’s nothing that you can do. Well if your problem is crabgrass, here is a guide that will definitely change your perspective when you encounter crabgrass in your landscape.”


Digitaria sanguinalis - Rasbak/Wikimedia Commons



Do you know what crabgrass looks like? Digitaria is a warm-season annual; it reproduces by seed. People often ask me how to kill it. The short answer is: applying preemergent herbicides at the right time is the best way to get rid of this weed.


Preemergent Herbicides for Killing Crabgrass: When to Apply

To get rid of crabgrass, it helps to know its life cycle. When spring soil temperatures (at a depth of 2″-3″) reach 55-60 degrees Fahrenheit, the first crabgrass seed will germinate (unless you stop them at this time by applying a preemergent herbicide!). From mid-summer to fall, seeds are produced. The plants, themselves (but not the seeds) are killed by frosts in autumn.

Preemergent herbicides (also spelled “pre-emergent”) come in either granular or liquid form and kill crabgrass seedlings as they germinate. Think of preemergent herbicides as forming an invisible shield across the soil surface that stops …


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Tricks For Making a Small Bathroom Look Larger

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A large, roomy bathroom is a luxury that many individuals want to have. But, the reality is, in most cities, apartments or condos are built with small bathrooms to provide room for the other rooms in the home. Yet that will not prevent us from being in position to make a cool and purposeful bathroom that we like. Although you may possess a moderate sized bathroom, a bad decor can easily make the space seem smaller than what it really is. Here are a few ways to redesign a small bathroom to help make it appear or feel large.

a)    Make use of vertical lines and colors
Vertical lines create a visual impact of expansion of space width wise and make the whole bathroom seem larger should you paint the restroom with vertical stripes. Horizontal lines allow it to look taller. The color that you choose will boost the impression of space also. Gentle colored walls and flooring can easily make a space seem bigger than they really are. On the other hand, avoid darker colors simply because they reduce a space.

b)    Prettify with mirrors
It is not a secret that mirrors give amazing illusion of space expansion. This means that this strategy is not really new in improving any small area in your house. And that means you need to incorporate more or bigger size restroom mirrors. You can put a full-length mirror on the back of the restroom door or put a few small mirrors through the entire bathroom. Also you can utilize a cabinet with a mirrored door.

c)    Positioning the correct shelves and storage
Concentrate on the horizontal portions of your bathroom. Make use of shelves in the edges of your bath tub. You can put there all of your soaps, hair shampoo, hairs masks and bath salt which you use regularly. Try to change any unused vertical space for bathroom storage.

d)    Declutter the Area
Make the time to organize stuff in your bathroom. The fewer belongings you have, the greater the room will look to be. Knick knacks and plush dolls appear attractive yet they take up a lot of space and end up making your bathroom appear much smaller. The greater open space you have revealed, the more large a bathroom will appear.

e)    Choose Suitable Fixtures
Another alternative ways to make a house seem bigger is having less fixtures and decorations. Over-filling a room with furniture extremely when your space is limited can simply make it look even smaller. Remember; you want to avoid an untidy look. Make use of the least amount of fixtures which you can, and ensure that that whatever you add in the bathroom is functional and not simply because they’re pretty.

Understanding Home Security Master Keys

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Master keyed lock systems as an example, are combination of locks all of which are separately used with their pass keys and within each other by a certain master key. These are cut to fit into a range of distinct locks, while each lock accepts only the master and the change keys that were cut to open this specific lock. The most common type of lock is called a pin and tumbler lock. These locks feature small pins that vary in size and are divided into pairs. However, if locks are outfitted to accommodate master keys, they’re going to consist of a third pin that sits between a few of the pins in the pair that operate with the change key. They feature a spacer that fits into the space occupied by the third pins that enables only the master keys to turn this locking mechanism to turn and open up the door. But this kind of locking system has its own pros and cons too.

– Pros of Having a Master Key

The benefit of acquiring a master key is that you can access the numerous units of your building with the exact same key. This is really important should there be an urgent situation. As an example, should there be a fire outbreak. The keys can also be essential when you wish to access many rooms in a building in order to repair a large electrical or plumbing mishap. While for property managers, they must have access to the properties they own or manage continually. If perhaps there is an emergency, they are able to access the property even without tenants being present.

– Cons of a Master Key

When one key is present in which opens every door on the property or home, there’s a great accountability to keep that secure. Any property with a Master System ought to have a well-organized key tracking system in place and the master key well-guarded. There would be a security issue when wrong hands got hold of the key. This means they will easily have an access to the entire premise and it will be feasible for them to execute their ill intentions.  This means you must change your locks or in a worst case scenario, you may need to call emergency services to break into premises, if someone inside is in danger and you are unable to wait around for your own locksmith.