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How to Grow African Violet Plants

“African violets are sensuously purple flowers with a tiny fleck of yellow in the center. As their name suggests, they are native to Africa, growing mainly in Tanzania, neighboring Kenya, and other tropical ecosystems. The water should be room temperature, or as close as possible in temperature to the air around your plants. When the water is too cold, it chills the roots of African Violets, causing leaves to curl down as the water is absorbed into the plant. Also, if watering from the top, cold water can cause leaf spotting.”

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These easy-care little wonders provide year-round blooms in a range of colors. Here’s how to grow African violets, including tips on watering, feeding, shaping, cleaning and repotting.

Little wonders

African violets are one of the easiest flowering houseplants to grow. They’re versatile, blooming year-round in a wide variety of colors and sizes, some with variegated foliage or ruffled or white-edged blooms.

Plus, we feel sentimental about them: They remind us of our grandmothers.


Because most violets have green leaves, plants with variegated foliage intrigue. However, these varieties can be difficult to grow: Variegated plants aren’t as strong, and their leaf color tends to fade in hot weather.

Potting procedures

No matter which variety you choose, African violets perform best in light, fluffy soil. It should be so loose that you easily can push your finger to the bottom of the pot.

Tips For Lawn Maintenance Every Season

Pros would likely explain to you the key to possessing a lush and healthy lawn is to master the basics – mowing, irrigation, fertilizers, aeration, and weed prevention. With no information on these fundamentals of lawn care, you’d probably most likely commit a few key mistakes that will cause larger problems in your lawn. Even though we know already the basic principles of lawn care, additionally it is crucial that you understand how to look after them in different seasons.”

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Everybody knows that having a nice outdoor area could make your entire home and property look far better. Sad to say, lawn care can sometimes be a struggle. One of the most common errors that people make is not putting crucial cautionary steps carried out preparing for the 4 seasons, which might damage your landscaping throughout the year. The good thing is, if you’re kept informed about what has to be completed in each season to maintain your outdoor space looking nice, it should not be too much of a hassle. Read on for a few season-specific lawn care tips, to keep your yard looking wonderful all year round.


This can be a season where lawn begins to show the first indicators of growth after its winter rest. Which means you will have to think about reviving your mower as your lawn will probably be ready for its first cut of the year. After removing any leaves or twigs that may be dispersed over the area trim the top layer off your lawn using blades set no shorter that 2.5mm. The regularity of your mowing must increase the further into spring we advance. After spring you should be mowing your lawn on a weekly basis.


For warmer climes of summer you should continue with your mowing routine, cutting your lawn once a week ensuring never to remove more than a third of the length at any one time. In order to avoid your lawn turning a less pleasant shade of brown and becoming dry in the summer heat, it is very important regularly to water your garden. Although, as this may at times be problematic, it may be calming to understand that if your lawn does turn brown, it’s going to be quick to recover right after the rain returns.


With the approach of autumn as well as the much cooler temperature it delivers, mowing continues to be recommended, although the regularity of this can be lowered to every two weeks with the blades set to 2.5cm. Now is the time to begin preparing your lawn for the cold weather ahead. So that you can aerate your lawn while increasing drainage, it really is advised to rake the grass to remove any moss, thatch or dead weeds which could have accumulated. This can be the time for re-seeding or replacing any destroyed spots.


There isn’t any ton to do in terms of lawn care over the winter, as the grass is inactive. The best advice is to avoid walking on the lawn during particularly frosty periods because you can kill the grass by doing so. Furthermore, make sure you get rid of any lingering leaves from fall.

Using these simple tips, garden owners are assured that their lawns are safe and established during all season. Garden owners are also certain that their lawns will be healthy, lush, and green as possible.

Ways On How To Decorate A Fabulous Christmas Tree

Many people decorate for Christmas and go around the neighborhoods around Christmas time to appreciate how other houses are decorated for the holidays. You will discover exclusive ways to decorate your home for Christmas may well not as elementary as it appears for you but here we will provide your imagination a free hand making it reasonably easy. With the right help and materials, you can begin to work on your unique tips for decorating this Christmas holiday.”

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People have all sorts of thoughts about decorating their property for Christmas. In your house, Christmas decorations help to give your home that Christmas spirit that individuals crave during the holiday season. It is an critical part of your celebration and may help your home feel more inviting in the holidays. There are several approaches to embellish your home, but making your own Christmas decorations with your family will help make the time together more special and can give a great sense of delight and ownership. There are various ideas that you can use to help you with your interior Christmas decorating wishes.

You could make your property into a Christmas masterpiece with some simple interior Christmas decorations.

Today, you can get plenty of a variety of trees: different sizes, textures and colors. Not to mention there are many various small awesome items to put on the tree. Maybe you have a lot of in your Christmas toys just like dolls or bear and etc. In that case, then your tree may be decorated with these instead of the usual Christmas tree decoration.

In most cases dining room is definitely the focal point for the whole holiday. That is why you must think how you can embellish it ahead of time. Enhance your dinner table with Christmas tablecloths. Put small silver and crystal things. Make your room shine and sparkle.

Hanging stockings throughout your residence is very best way to include that fun feel at home.

Don’t forget to beautify your fireplace mantel and hang your Christmas stockings. A number of fireplace mantel beautifying ideas are adding garland, different types and sizes of Santas, teddy bears, and candles. You can even show your favorite nativity scene for those who have a big enough mantel.

Embellish your houseplants with small ornaments to make them more Christmas. In case you are out of Christmas ornaments, make use of Christmas cookie cutters with a little ribbon. You cannot go wrong. When it appeals to you, then you can use it.

Put a collection of Christmas books on your coffee table. Or perhaps you can also place it under your Christmas tree.

You won’t have to shell out big money on Christmas decorations. You can create your own with just a little effort and a few ideas much like these.

How To Handle Baby Furniture With Care

Should you be anticipating the new family member to arrive any time soon to your home, why not try some good baby furniture before you become too busy with your newborn? Acquiring furniture for your baby is really a hard task since it has a large amount of good research to obtain the best for your child, something which will not hit the pocket hard and certainly carries on till the time the baby needs it.”

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There are many items to settle before the baby comes. One such important matters to settle is the baby furniture: what type of furniture to get, where from, how high-priced it may be, what colors the furniture should have. The infant will need a crib and some other pieces of furniture, toys and much more. However, once you arrange yourself a bit and take one step each time, you’ll possess all things ready by the time the baby comes to the world.

With the amount brands of nursery furniture out there, it may get difficult making decisions. Choosing baby furniture requires some systematically thought out points. Many of them are as given here.

Cost Of The Furniture

Exactly what is the budget? What exactly are you willing to pay for a furniture piece that will not be of much use after a few years, unless you are considering another child soon? Every little thing depends on this idea. Even though there are a number of emotional parameters that you’d like to live around with, it is buying cost-effective furniture for the baby room at your home that should be budgeted well.

How big is is the room?

Whenever visiting baby furniture showrooms, it could be easy to ignore exactly how large some furnishings can be. However, a nursery that’s stuffed with furniture can not only be a nuisance; it can pose a safety hazard to both yourself and the baby. So as to keep the size of the furniture to scale with your own nursery, take measurements of the baby’s room before deciding on a purchase. Measure the length, width and height of the room, as this will help you to decide which pieces of baby furniture are just suitable for your infant’s nursery – and which items will just be too big to fit!

Research The Furniture

The the one thing that you will always want for your baby is safety and comfort. Always insist upon good quality manufactured baby furniture to guarantee the best designs that also ensure safety with style and comfort also in mind. Hence go through the bevy of information available on internet and also in the stores.

You must insist on choosing a stroll to the closest supermarket or specialised stores for kids and check each item that is shown around. A few could be useful, some could end up as being a cost while others are investments. Therefore, take your time, you could have plenty as nine months is a long time. Make certain you check out the baby furniture on display good enough if you need to buy for your child!

Creating The Nursery

The nursery is the room in which the baby and you would be spending a majority of your time; it is where the baby will form his first impression of the world he’s been born into. The nursery should be comfortable hence designed in a practical and pleasing manner with use of the best furniture for your baby’s need.

Twig Balls: Wrapped, Entwined and Woven Twiggy Focal Points

“You can make them, hang them, make them look lovely with lights. These twig balls likewise look wonderful when swung from a tree with wire. String some occasion lights over the balls for a mysterious impact. These minimal crazed balls may not look like much as you make them, but rather they are stunners when they are lit during the evening. They likewise look fabulous in your lawn or garden.  They are natural, so they can definitely take some wind, rain, snow abuse.”

Twig Balls

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The best kind of twigs for making twig balls is willow – hands down. There is no other wood that is so flexible and resists snapping, and also is so slender.

Using the coppiced growth of willow stools which are cut right down to the ground every spring to grow up new again each year provides the most straight canes – sometimes as long as two meters or more.

I use the shorter skinnier ones for smaller sized twig balls, as that leaves plenty of longer ones for other twig crafts. Twig balls are a great way to use off cuts from other projects, deformed or otherwise unsuitable canes.

Look for arborists in your area that prune the long growth (water sprouts) of pollarded willows for a supply of the long slender canes. Most times they’ll be happy for you to take the prunings if you show up on the day they’re doing the work prepared to carry them away.

Using some of the brightly coloured winter willow twigs such as Salix ‘Chermesina’ or even the wiggly twigs of Salix tortuosa which will give an entirely different look.

Other ways to make twig balls are to wrap grapevines in the same fashion for a crinkly looking twig ball. Use these on the top of a twig obelisk to hold all the canes together.

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Tips on Growing Orchids Indoors

Growing orchids is an easy activity, especially if you are aware of the dos and don’ts in planting it. Orchids are certainly unique plant species that happen to be recognized for their stunning beauty and petal arrangement. A lot of people decide on orchids as part of their lives, especially on special events just like birthdays, debuts, anniversaries, corporate events, and definitely in weddings.”

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Orchids are perfect flowers and liked by a lot from around the world.They carry a distinct appeal that’s not usually seen from other flowers. Even though orchids don’t possess interesting scents like roses, lilies or lavenders, they flourish in a range of colors that pulls anybody who sees them.

Should you be getting your first orchid, select an orchid that is certainly strong and resilient just like the Phal or Moth orchid. After that, spend a bit of time to educate yourself about proper potting, lighting, watering and fertilization needs of your plant. It is possible, with little risk of failure, to raise healthy orchids in your house and spending some time is worth the difficulties.

1. Looking for your Orchids. Orchids are typically sold as bulbs, prefer bulbs that has sprout and observe the sprout. Healthy leaves are green and yellow one signifies the orchid is dried out. You ought to also see whether the leaf or the bulb has insect bites mainly because it can be damaged and it’ll no longer grow. You may begin with dendrobium, moth, catleya or lady slipper orchids because they are super easy to grow.

2. Dedicate some time to learn about proper potting, lighting, watering and fertilization needs of your plant. Do not speculate.

3. Give the ideal amount of sunlight that’s needed for your orchid. The colours that these flowers generate come from mostly the sunlight or fluorescent light and that is exactly why it is critical to supply them with light to get them to grow with amazing colors and beauty. If you’re planning to use a windowsill for sunlight then make sure the light coming in is filtered by a cloth or curtain. The leaves of the plants might burn and might reduce the blooming process when not corrected.

4. You also must consider temperature and humidity. Orchids could grow and bloom correctly depending on the temperature of the environment. There are cold-growing orchids that grow in cold weather. Additionally, there are warm-growing orchids that will survive and blossom even in hot places. Avoid dehydrating and over-watering your plants for doing this can lead to its death.

5. Orchids use not to be very demanding water plants. The most important thing is not to over water the root of the plant as it could kill the blooms. However, it is recommended for the flowers to be moist. Over watering is a common mistake for first time orchid growers.

Caring For Your Wood Furniture

Wood furniture looks great and could be very expensive. Keep it looking new for many years so you don’t have to get it professionally cleaned or worse, replaced. Don’t forget to wipe down wood furniture habitually with a clean, damp rag. Use lemon oils like Old English on anything wood, not furniture polish. Polishes can look great temporarily. But over time they will leave a dull coating that oil doesn’t. Should you take care of your wood furniture it might look good for several years, even generations.”

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Cleaning wood furniture may be tricky. You need to be worried about streaks, chemicals that eat through the finish, stuff that contain both wood and fabric, etc. You’ll find approaches to make it easier. Be sure to use a very clean damp, cloth. Apply lemon oil to keep the wood from drying out. And avoid furniture polish as it leaves a dull coating on the wood.

Dust your wood furniture often to keep the surface areas smooth and bright. Always utilize a soft cloth in order to keep from damaging the wood. Whenever dusting, always dust with the grain of the wood. If the furniture becomes dirty, try cleaning it with a soft cloth drenched in warm water. If it does not work, use a mild soapy water solution on your cloth, and check out it again. Keeping wood furniture dry is likewise essential. In the event the wood gets wet, it can cause the finish to peel or fade, and could actually warp the wood. Be sure to wipe up any spills once you are able. Do not let them dry otherwise you could end up with a permanent stain.

Keep solvents items like nail polish remover, alcohol and paint thinner away from furniture as they can harm the finish. Alcohol is in colognes, perfumes, medications and also in wine, beer and liquor. The perspiration and body oils may also harm a finish with time. Plants and flower nectar or pollen which touch the finish also can lead to lasting stains. Putting hot items on furniture can cause a chemical difference in the finish which leads to white rings or spots.

Oil may be great for furniture however regularly using polish is not. Furniture polish leaves a dull coating on wood. After a while this will make the wood appear more faded. It’ll just look older and worn-out. Wood furniture can be expensive, particularly rarer woods like mahogany, cherry, teak. Tend not to let lots of money get wasted by using polishes when all they need is a little bit of oil. Old English and also other oils are great however polishes are better left for bowling alleys.

You’ve made an investment in fine wood furniture now look after it as if you would in some other quality investment. It is crucial to dust routinely and to fix any sort of issues before or after they occur. The scariest thing you can do is neglect your wood furniture, because this is how it will slowly become ruined. Taking good care of your hardwood furniture will guarantee that it’s going to last for a long time.

How To Choose The Right Upholstery For Your Furniture

Choosing furniture upholstery fabrics isn’t as simple as you might think. You should consider a wide range of factors and be aware of the principles of upholstery fabric. There is ample scope for color choice with most major upholstered furniture producers, which means you can pick well and develop a stunning home. But, since it’s always advantageous to consider your requirements in mindthe following is some help in understanding the kinds of upholstery fabric available.

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Some areas of selecting upholstery fabric could seem pretty obvious for instance selecting a color, the single biggest aspect in fabric selection. However, because it is always advantageous to consider your preferences in mind, here are a few other factors you may need to consider.

Fabric Durability

It is always essential to think about the durability you need. Exactly where are you positioning the furniture piece? A delicate, soft fabric is fine for a formal living room, however you might not wish to furnish a children’s playroom with it. The fabric you decide on must have a tight weave and must feel stable, but not stiff, whenever you handle them. Taking into consideration the durability of the material used assures you that it’ll last longer enabling you to save on repairs or replacement.

Fabric Style

Needless to say, you would like to match the style of your furniture with the style of the upholstery fabric. Do you choose a simple pattern or anything bold? How can you want your own style shown by your furniture? Several patterns could make a beautiful accessory for your room, but you should always spend some time to try to see the big picture and select a style that fits the furniture, the room, and your character. Keep in mind fabrics come in a lots of patterns and designs from plain weaves to patterned weaves, allowing you to find the one you feel is the right fit for your space moving forward.

Fabric Color

Color is an essential reason people go with a fabric, so make sure your color choice is correct. For example, it may be ideal to avoid a very bold color for any smaller room, particularly when your sofa is likewise large. Refrain from delicately colored fabrics around children and pets. To strike the ideal mood, consider the color temperature. Since warm and cool colors affect the mood of the room, make certain you’re choosing the right fabric for the right mood. Refrain from trendy colors, unless you happen to really like them. Color trends come and go so be cautious. Suppose you don’t consider eggplant attractive in the first place? Will you be able to live with a color even when its popularity wanes?

Special Considerations

Fade Resistance: Should your room gets a lot of sunlight, you probably want a fade-resistant fabric.

Mildew Resistance: Try to find fabric that’s mildew resistant if you live in a humid climate that fosters mildew.

Allergies: Take into account fabric such as microfiber for certain allergies because it is lint free and does not attract dust.

Pets: If you have pets avoid delicate fabric like silk, or any fabric with a lot of texture. Pick out pet-friendly upholstery rather.

Great handmade craft gifts that kids can make themselves

“If you have a crafty kiddo at home, why not let them loose with ideas to make something for you and will actually come handy to use? There is nothing nicer than a homemade gift from a special child in your life, and if you can encourage the kids to make presents for their grandparents and other family they will be treasured forever. But it is hard to think of something that will be useful as well as “handmade”. We’ve collected some ideas together below, but there are many other crafts on the website which can be adapted into gifts so have a good look around!”

Great handmade craft gifts that kids can make themselves

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We are always pinning DIY projects that kids can actually do (with maybe just a little help here and there, of course) on our Printables+DIY Pinterest board. 

When it comes to getting gifts from my kids, I always love the handmade ones the best. It doesn’t matter if it’s imperfect or inexpensive, as long as it comes from their heart. And hey, even our kids’ teachers agree.  So, if your kids are starting to wonder what to get you–or your partner, their siblings, their grandparents, or their coaches–take an hour to hang out and help them make some of these fun handmade gifts designed just for kid to make. Even if you aren’t Uber Crafty Person yourself, we think you can all pull each of these off.

The number of DIY ornaments on Pinterest that are impossible for kids (let alone grownups) to do well is amazing. I’ve tried some salt-dough ornaments in the past, and they were a terrible disaster; but these happy little Reindeer Thumbprint Ornaments at Little Bit Funky are a great DIY ornament idea for kids. Relatives who want a sentimental gift will love the thumbprint, but they’d also make an easy and inexpensive gift for classmates or teachers because they’re just so cute.

Boring pencils with a washi-tape makeover make great stocking stuffers. Since our kids are already begging us to use our washi tape, we’re going to let them cover pencils using this tutorial we found from Omiyage Blogs Pretty Crafty Things. So simple for even preschoolers to do, and they’d make cute gifts for siblings, classmates, and teachers.

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“Outside, nature is refreshing itself, just like a re-birth, and you should do the same inside your home. Re-decorating by using colors of the nature outside is most effective. Pick some flowers, put them in a vase, and based on the colors, play around with pillow covers, napkins, table cloths or picture frames. “

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1. Break Out The Color
Longer days and warmer temperatures make spring the best time to play with color. Bring in bright airy curtains and add little pops of color throughout the room to create an atmosphere that screams spring. In fashion designer Lorry Newhouse’s living room several colors come together to create a harmonious, not overwhelming, palette.

2. Tuck Away Cold Weather Accessories
All of the thick blankets and heavy throw pillows that were necessary to fight the winter cold are made obsolete once spring rolls around. Keep them out of sight by storing them away in a small set of drawers or chest at the foot of your bed. In an Allegra Hicks-designed London bedroom a dresser provides plenty of extra storage.

3. Embrace The Outdoors
Incorporate little bits of nature into your home design by decorating with flowers, branches or fruits. Even the tiniest touch of the outdoors reminds you that the seasons are changing. Fashion designers Mark Badgley and James Mischka accented their screened-in porch with a bright bouquet and a bowl of fresh oranges.

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