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Does your Air-con needs servicing?

Your ac keeps you cool and comfortable through the hot summer months-until it fails. Then, unless you happen to be home improvement and repair expert, you are left to sweat it out until a professional will study the trouble. Having an air conditioning system that isn’t functioning properly may be aggravating and infuriating as well as costly.

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Paying attention to the signals an HVAC system sends is vital. This can be the difference between preventing a small problem from turning into a big problem. Consider these five signs that it’s time to speak to an air conditioner service.

i. Funny noises
The sound of an air conditioner has become part of the standard background noise in a few homes. Few people even notice it anymore. But, when that sound changes in any manner, it abruptly becomes very obvious. It is also an indication that somebody has to get in touch with their air conditioning repair services. A squealing sound will probably indicate an issue with a belt, like one might experience in a car. Rattling noises might mean a component is loose and then it is actually crucial that you call a professional.

ii. Leaking Fluids
Air conditioning units are subject to condensation, since moist air passes across the cold evaporation coil. But, if your unit is noticeably leaking fluid, you may have a mechanical problem that will need the attention of an air conditioning contractor. Water leakage inside or outside your home can mean that the coil drainage system-where the condensation is routed-is stopped up. If you see oil leakage, you might have a rust problem that is lessening performance.

iii. Warm or stale air
Air conditioners are meant to blow cool air in the house. If this does not happen, it may suggest frozen evaporator coils. A few home owners can thaw their systems out and return to cool air, but when it takes place more than once, a professional repair company ought to inspect the system. When it is established, that frozen coils are not the reason for the warm air. Then the next step need to be calling an expert.

iv. Odd odors
If your air conditioning system is generating a strong odor or perhaps you notice sparks or smoke, you need to quickly disconnect the unit and should contact a repair service right away. Frequent reason for the odor is when overflow drain has issues with bacteria or mildew

v. Vacillating temperatures
The property won’t appear to be heated properly in colder months: The heat pump thermostat should be adjusted to be able to fix this issue. Make sure that just experienced technicians take care of this, because this is quite a complicated process and any goof ups here can possibly damage the thermostat.

How To Buy The Best Dishwasher

Dishwashers are a fantastic help in the kitchen, not just as time-saving devices, but in addition to help sanitize dishes and decrease the danger of illness from harmful bacteria and germs. There are occasions that whenever we’d like to really clean them, we should be willing to put more time. Now, you’ll find dishwashers in the market that go with various lifestyles, with adjustable levels of flexibility and setting up prerequisites. Thus before you start shopping, you need to understand precisely what type of dishwasher is perfect for your need.

These are just a number of the concerns when you shop for a dishwasher:

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A.    Size: Dishwashers come in various sizes. It is better to choose the right dishwasher with adequate capacity with respect to the number of members in your family. A tight dishwasher is a lot more efficient as compared with a robust dishwasher.

B.    Functions: Exactly what are the unique features of the dishwasher? A delayed start option is great to own, so you can fill it and set it to run at another time. Special wash cycles might include rinse only, a sanitary or high temperature rinse, heavy soil or heated dry.

C.    Interior: Ensure that the inside of the dishwasher comes with things you need. Check out the number of racks and the way they are arranged. Are they adjustable? A few designs have three racks, and many have got a special utensils area. Look at the way you can load it with dishes, containers, pans, cups as well as other kitchenware when you go through the tub size and interior features.

D.    Noise: Many modern units are already created for quiet operation. As a general information, about 50 dB or lower is generally held to be an acceptable noise level.

E.    Budget: Generally the more features you pick out, the higher the price. Furthermore, when some of the options are specifically made to save water or energy, you certainly will shell out a slightly higher price for the product. Many appliance stores deliver regular promotions and financing. The company might offer rebates for certain models. You may also talk with your energy company to see if they give incentives for putting in Energy Star Certified appliances.

Dishwashers can cost a little or a lot, and can give you a few selections or many. You want yours to meet your household needs and never hurt your wallet. Conduct some research and shop wisely.

Choosing and Planting Hydrangeas

Generally when thinking of Hydrangeas we think of the large blooming cultivars that flower in pinks and blues, however, there is more to the Hydrangea family than we may first think. Plants range greatly in habit and flower form.


Hydrangea provide summer blossoms and fall color

Hydrangea planting in the fall gives plants time to set down strong roots while avoiding the draining heat of summer. Hydrangeas are perhaps one of the easiest shrubs to grow. Their beautiful balls of purple, blue, magenta, pink or white flowers over lush green foliage make hydrangea an excellent choice for foundation plantings and garden plants. Some hydrangea also offer beautiful fall leaf color. Hydrangea make excellent cut and dried flowers too. The following instructions for hydrangea planting should get your new shrubs off to a great start.


Hydrangea Selection

Gardeners often feel like the proverbial kid in a candy store when they spy the masses of hydrangea in the garden center each spring and fall. From the candy-colored foil wrapped pots to the large container-grown shrubs, there’s a hydrangea for almost any garden.

If adding hydrangea to the landscape or garden, choose potted specimens. Avoid the foil-wrapped plants often found in the early springtime in the garden center. While these hydrangea can be planted outside, they tend to be greenhouse raised plants that have not been hardened off to the outdoor climate and conditions. They’ll grace your home with charm and blossoms, but may falter once planted outside. For robust, vigorous plants, choose the larger shrubs.

Some varieties of hydrangea you may wish to try include:

  • Hydrangea paniculata (Pee Gee Hydrangea and related hydrangeas): These hardy hydrangea can grow as tall as 10 feet high and do well in full sun. They tolerate both neglect and overzealous pruning as long as they get their full sun and plenty of moisture.
  • Hydrangea macrophylla (Mophead hydrangeas) are the most popular hydrangeas grown in America. Most of these hydrangeas the blue or pink varieties spotted in the home landscape, although some can be white.
  • Hydrangea macrophylla normalis (Lacecap hydrangea) look similar to the Mophead but have a space in the middle of the flower bundle, giving it a lacey appearance. They’re a great choice for gardeners who want a natural, informal look.
  • Hydrangea quercifolia (Oakleaf hydrangea) is native to the United States. As its name suggests, it sports leaves that resemble those of the oak tree. There are single and double blossom white colored varieties. The best feature …


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10 Color Theory Basics Everyone Should Know


Most of us aren’t interior designers by trade and that’s okay. Whether you think of interior design as an enjoyable hobby or a necessary evil that helps keep your home looking presentable, sometimes it can be tough to understand the industry lingo. After all, how often do you hear about Tertiary Colors, anyway?

At Freshome, we aim for our content to be accessible to everyone – no college degree required. So, today, we’re going back to basics. Gear up for a little Design 101. In this post, we’ll tackle color theory basics that every design enthusiast should know.

After you’ve read, make sure to store this link somewhere readily accessible. It’ll come in handy next time you’re not quite sure whether you’ve chosen the right paint color.

Understanding color theory will make your design projects much easier. Image Via: Caitlin Wilson

1. How To Use The Color Wheel

Like trigonometry, the color wheel is probably one of those things that you learned about as a young child and haven’t thought of since. However, to really understand color, you may have to dust off some of that knowledge.

Simply put, the color wheel provides a visual representation of which colors blend nicely together. It removes all the guesswork, essentially. Most models are comprised of However, in theory, the color wheel could be expanded to include an infinite number of shades.

Don’t worry if you haven’t memorized the color wheel just yet. There are tons of ways to access it digitally. Paletton is a website that will …

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TV Armoire Buying Guide

Armoire furniture has been popular for many years and has been a favorite piece of furniture that added elegance to many homes in the past. Today, this piece of furniture has evolved beyond the traditional clothes storage armoire and has become a place to store or display many different items in the home.


TV Armoire Buying Guide

Armoires were originally designed as clothing wardrobes and eventually gained a luxury status as they not only held clothes, but reflected the opulence of the homes in which they were kept as well. More recently, armoires have come to be used to hold televisions and their related components. The juxtaposition of an item that is antique in nature being used to hold modern electronic equipment may be difficult for some to reconcile, but a TV armoire makes perfect sense for those who want to maintain the traditional feel of a room while at the same time equipping it with contemporary entertainment equipment. Choosing the right TV armoire to accomplish this goal can be a trying task, though. This TV armoire buying guide helps ease the process by pointing out the considerations that go into selecting a TV armoire. Armed with this information, readers should know what to look for when shopping for a TV armoire, which will help them enjoy modern entertainment without sacrificing the harmony of their homes’ decors.


This section highlights the main considerations that go into buying a TV armoire. These include dimensions, storage, the features that a TV armoire offers, and style. Buyers can use these considerations to ascertain whether specific TV armoires are suitable for their homes.


The dimensions of TV armoires vary, so it is important to take measurements and consider the angles from which the TV will be viewed before deciding to buy a TV armoire.


The armoire should be at a height that provides viewers with a comfortably angled sightline to the television. Some viewers prefer to look slightly upwards when viewing a television while others would rather have a level line of viewing to the screen.


Depth is an important consideration when deciding for which TV the armoire is suited. If a viewer is planning to place a CRT TV in the armoire, it must be deep enough to accommodate that kind of TV. If a viewer is planning to …



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Tips in Conserving Electrical Energy

Nowadays, everyone is very reliant in electricity. Electricity gives convenience to household’s daily routines particularly at this point that all sorts of things are electric powered. But, the increasing electricity usage implies increase carbon footprint. Preserve and go green by conserving energy usage in your own home.

You will find 5 different ways for which you can decrease the electricity consumption at home:

Turn off unused home appliances
It’s often neglected at home to shut off unused appliances at home. This is because since you don’t realize just how much electricity is consumed by these unimportant electronic devices. Whether or not the device is not turned on but plugged in, it is still utilizing power. Switching off these home appliances is the first step you have to take in order to reduce the electricity in your home.

Use LED lighting
Another way to save up on electric consumption is through the use of LED lights. Quality LED light bulbs last longer, are more durable, and provide comparable or better light quality than other kinds of lighting. When planning to reduce electricity in your home then this is the first change you need to make.

Acquire energy-efficient appliances
An additional way to save energy is to purchase natural gas appliances. And the best way to obtain the most out of every energy dollar would be to have a qualified professional periodically ensure that your appliances work at peak performance. Energy-efficient appliances usually have Energy Start labeled on them.

Don’t utilize air conditioning
Air conditioning is a luxury and is thus not a basic need. It makes use of an immense amount of power to run and can definitely increase the amount of electricity you use in your home. If you do not need it, switch it off and utilize less expensive methods to keep your home cool.

Go solar
Solar panels have become popular for decades now not just for reduced electricity usage but also for carbon emissions. The solar panels will do the trick in transforming the heat of the sun to direct current.

Using less energy has lots of benefits; you’ll save money and help the planet. Generating energy requires precious natural resources, for instance coal, oil or gas. Therefore, using less energy helps us to preserve these resources and make them last longer for the future.

4 Types of Backyard Patios

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Patio is a wonderful area to loosen up when in the home. Patio provides comfort and convenience for the family’s backyard garden activities and also provides you with protection and shade against extreme varying weather conditions. A well-installed patio doesn’t only add to the home’s charm, but will also raise its reselling price. If you find yourself pondering of building a patio in the house, take a look at these 4 popular types;


• Slab Patio – This kind of patio is much more durable in comparison to the 2 stated earlier. Concrete labs are definitely more durable and excellent for a stronger foundation. It is better to count on the professional contractors to put in this kind of patio surface. Professionals can make certain the patio is placed based on your liking and they also can ensure that the excellence of the work. The concrete is continuously leveled and smoothed until finally it is absolutely set and dry.

• Dry-Laid Patio – It is not necessary specific tools, ultra-power, or a fat budget whenever you want to attain a dry-laid patio. If you’re able to control a shovel, wield a hammer, make use of a lever, and carry stones as well as if you are eager to spend some time working hard with your hands outdoors, perhaps you can get it done all on your own. It’s just simply placing stones on a layer of sand and gravel. But, you need to simply take some thought on the placement of the stones to ensure that there is proper water drainage on the spot.

• Mortar Patio – Mortar patio is actually the same as dry-laid style but instead of sand and gravel, it takes advantage of mortar. If you live at an area where it usually rains or the weather varies from mild winter to hot summers, the sand tends to wash down after which it turns into sloping. This mortar is excellent to seal the stones and fill in the gaps in the stones. It’s a lot more long lasting when compared with dry-laid patio.

• Raised Patios – A raised patio area may offer something quite different to the more traditional ground-level patio area. The height of a raised patio does range from one or two inches to two or three feet. They offer an excellent solution to create a patio in the backyards that have very irregular or sloping surfaces. This style of patio also uses a retaining wall in position that will retain its form and give extra strength.

With such an array of patio styles, patterns, and components available, the final verdict to make on the desired choice is quite confusing. Preferably, you should consider a number of photographs published in the top home improvement magazines or sites to obtain a full appreciation of the very most beautiful options in the market.

Reasons to Hire Professional Painter

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Anybody can apply paint, however, not everyone can complete the work appropriately. When things go wrong in a DIY home painting, it might lead to a waste of money, time and effort. A professional painter would always make sure that the painting job will have no problems and will look smooth therefore it is always advised to employ one if the budget permits so.

Some other reasons why working with a professional painter is advisable:

Painting calls for focus and attention to detail. This is important as soon as there are tasks which have been quite challenging just like higher and complicated areas to reach. In addition to the correct training and expertise, they already have with them equipment and tools forced to carry out complicated and not very safe tasks.

If your home was built prior to the 1980s and needs to be repainted, there is a possibility that the old paint contains lead. Contact with lead can be hazardous to health. Professional painters have personnel who definitely have lessons in lead-safe job practices and thus are able to do work safely, reliably, and efficiently. Reliable painters may also offer assessment for lead and risk evaluation prior to starting the task.

Each and every good job done is because of good preparation. Exactly the same applies to painting. Preparation works will assure that the paint and its color will last longer. Early problems could be avoided. Furthermore, paint spots might result from improper roller usage, however, you can stop these totally when a professional will do the work. Not only that, you can rely on them to get rid of the waste and toxic materials after they finish off.

A painting company is also able to carry out the job quickly. People also believe that DIY painting jobs are just as simple as other DIY projects at home which can be done in a snap. Sad to say, most of these people found themselves still along with a job in progress weeks after. Painting companies will also complete the work without interfering with your daily routine as much.

Recommendations when selecting a painting company:

Be sure to work with licensed painting contractors only. Painting contractors could vary substantially with regards to charge, so find at the least three offers. Also secure references out of every single bidder and review prior work in person. Just be sure to are hiring a contractor that has workers’ compensation and insurance policies. Once you have selected a professional painting company, be sure that all project objectives come in writing. Don’t forget to study the agreement prior to signing it so you don’t be surprised by disguised fees down the road.

Understand that reputable companies will normally not ask for more than 10% of the total project price as down payment. Never settle the last payment until you are happy with the job.

Anybody can apply paint, but not all can achieve a good job.