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Grow Your Own Herbal Tea Garden: 12 Herbs To Get Your Started

Growing your own herbs for tea is healthy and lots of fun. It’s really a good project for tea lovers or for health conscious people. Having a herbal garden, you can make your own flavorsome tea and drinks. It’s easy that even a novice gardener can grow a tea garden.


Herbal teas smell good, taste good, and help elevate your mood, not to mention the other general as well as specific health benefits they offer. They make good alternatives to regular tea and coffee, especially if you want to reduce caffeine intake.

Herbal teas can be made with individual herbs or from a compatible combination of several herbs to take advantage of their varied healing effects. Although many herbal teas and tea mixes are readily available, there’s nothing like making your own from fresh ingredients. You can be certain exactly what goes into the mix, and be sure about the quality. You can also adjust the composition according to your needs.

Many herbs traditionally used for rejuvenating and healing teas can be easily grown in your garden, or even in containers. The very act of brewing an herbal tea is therapeutic, especially when you have just plucked the herb from your garden.  Teas made from fresh herbs differ from what you get with dried herbs, although they may offer similar health benefits. Seasonal herbs can be dried and stored for later use, and they make great gifts.


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Adorably Stylish: 15 Hello Kitty Bedrooms That Delight and Wow!

One of the most popular characters around the world is Hello Kitty. And I know girls would be crazy if  their bedroom is full of Hello Kitty decors. Who wouldn’t?! If you’re planning for a girl’s bedroom design why not go for a Hello Kitty-inspired design.

A global icon that cuts across national boundaries, cultures and eras – Hello Kitty, created by Yuko Shimizu, is a phenomenon unlike any other. This cute and seemingly expressionless character produced by Sanrio started its journey on a vinyl coin purse way back in 1974, and while the world has changed considerably in the last four decades, Hello Kitty still remains an integral part of popular culture. From kids’ accessories and bedrooms to the celeb wardrobe and fashion shows in Paris, Hello Kitty still can be found almost everywhere!

Adding Hello Kitty-themed décor and accessories to the bedroom elevates the ‘cuteness quotient’ of the space and also gives it a fun, whimsical vibe that is both unique and fashionable. You can even take this cheerful vibe into the teen bedroom and adult spaces without going overboard. Today, we take a look at 15 bedrooms that embrace Hello Kitty, even as we delve a little bit more into the delightful cartoon character itself.


Forever Cute!

Sure, we all have seen the image of Hello Kitty countless times (even if you are not particularly a big fan of the cartoon character), and there have been times when the music industry’s hottest icons adopted it as a fashion statement, but few know the fact that Hello Kitty is NOT a cat. That’s right; the makers of Hello Kitty insist that she is just a cartoon character – a little girl who is actually from London! Delve a bit deeper and you will learn that the first of November is her birthday, she is a third-grader and her favorite color is red.

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Tips To Prevent Your Granite Countertops From Staining

As you may have already known, granite is used in a number of areas in houses. It may be seen used a wall or as a flooring. And most commonly, it is utilized as kitchen counters. These house sections are often exposed to several things, stains being one of them especially if there are actually children. Here are ideas to remember in order to remove stains from your counter tops.

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Everybody agrees that prevention is the best alternative. You need to, at least once a year, have your granite countertops to be sure they keep their look and luster, and protection from liquids. This procedure simply takes approximately 15 minutes. If you’re pondering when it should be done, do it when splashed water no longer beads up to the surface.


Although your granite countertop is sealed, it’s still important that you give it a daily clean to keep it looking shiny and new. The simplest way to clean your stone is with a mixture of a gentle soap and warm water. Avoid using a rough cloth, as this can wear away the sealant. Instead, make use of a soft cloth, like a microfiber one.


Every time you’re cooking food or preparing meals on your countertop, avoid dropping acidic foods to the granite wherever possible. Some of the acidic foods which have the worst affects include lemon juice, vinegar and strong wine. In the event you happen to unintentionally spill these foods, just be sure you clean them up immediately with the cleaning mixture above.


Whilst some individuals think that they can use their granite countertop as a cutting board, it is important that you avoid cutting fresh meat and fish on the surface. The blood in these meats could stain the surface of the granite, as well as the smell can also become embedded on the stone, which is often hard to remove.


When there is one substance which causes severe damage to granite surfaces, it truly is oil. Not only can oil stain your countertop, it could actually trigger small holes to form. When oil of any type is thrown onto the surface you must mop it up utilizing the cleaning mixture outlined above. Even so, you may have caused irreversible damage.

Even though sealing your granite countertop is necessary and can protect it from many damaging products, it will not protect it from everything. Liquids should still be cleaned up instantly, specially oil products. In the case of stubborn stains, it is suggested that you get in touch with an expert to help take it off.


Why You Would Love Using Rattan Furniture

Rattan furniture creates a gorgeous add-on to any garden or perhaps on the patio. The furniture can be purchased in a selection of styles including rustic and vintage and ultra-contemporary. Whatever style and type of rattan furniture you decide for the garden, you will find a need to make sure to take good care of it. Proper care and maintenance of the pieces will pay back you with several years of use.


Rattan Garden Furniture is fairly new to the market but it is proving very well liked since it is strong, durable and stylish. The Rattan material is a plastic base which is why it lasts so long compared to the real thing. This type of furniture also has some type of metal frame work which the Rattan is woven around.

Strength: Rattan furniture serves both function and form. Rattan chairs, rattan tables, rattan beds not simply appear classy however these types of are affordable and long-lasting at the same time. Rattan is recognized as one of the strongest woods in nature, which has a solid core and grows wildly and abundantly in South-East Asian nations like Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia.

Beauty and Various Forms: Natural rattan is full of the beauty of nature. Rattan furniture displays our thought of “the beautiful life”. With new rattan, your property will likely be stuffed with natural appeal. Since that time it was first woven into the kind of furniture; rattan has become the first choice of people who desire nobility and elegance. The material might be shaped and bent into whichever forms without having to break or splitting. That’s why, it is no wonder that rattan wicker furniture is obtainable in a wide range of shapes and designs.

Long-Lasting & Easy to Maintain: Here I am talking about a couple of points together as they go side-by-side. Since rattan is a natural material, furniture created from it stands for a long period when taken care of appropriately. As opposed to furniture made of wood, rattan furniture is low maintenance since it does not require just about any periodic moisturisation with oil and also it retains its shape, colour and strength for a number of years. Simply no special chemicals and materials are needed to clean rattan – just wiping it with a damp cloth is all you have to do. Unlike metal lawn chairs and tables, rattan holds up well to all kind of weather conditions when kept under a patio.

A room that contains large rattan furniture delivers the impression of comfort and style with simplicity in design and modesty on price. Silk draperies, linen throws, and also a host of other added decorations assist to finish the display of Eastern art and creativity. Look the most recent catalogues from website sales firms and furniture shops offering a wide selection in rattan products at competitive prices. Be aware that your rattan furniture purchase doesn’t clash with the other things in a given area, or indeed, the remainder of the house. Every thing must synchronize not just in size, style, and color, but in décor, theme, and taste.


Benefits Of Using A Planter Box

Container gardening is considered one of the latest fads in this technological era. It is one of the most feasible solutions in looking after a garden most particularly if there isn’t enough or short space for a garden to thrive. Container gardening is one modern means of maintaining a cool and relaxing garden without having to worry much about the location where it’s going to be set up.

With planter boxes, you find a wide range of possibilities and that’s the reasons you are able to use them to plant just about anything that you want wherever you want throughout your backyard, front yard, even deck, porch, or patio. For example, maybe you want to add just a few flowering plants all over the empty places in your deck, like in the corners or close to your grill. Well, what would be a good option for you then will be ones which are a little smaller and round in shape.


Utilizing a flowerbox to keep up your favorite flowers can make gardening simpler for you. You can place them in your porch, in the kitchen area or in the windowsill so as to check on them any moment. For a far better choice, you can acquire a self-watering flowerbox so that you don’t need to water your plants every once in awhile and avoid them from leaking into your floor and mess up your residence’s interior.

The very best advantage about using a planter box or a flowerbox is you can position them anywhere. As mentioned above, they could be placed on the porch, in your living room, kitchen, or even outside your window. Accentuate your windows by placing custom window boxes and planting colourful flowers on it. Pick fragrant flowers so that the fragrance could go in the home. Custom made window boxes are similar to planter boxes as well but they’re just attached to the windows.

The number of choices are endless with some planter boxes. Place one along a winding garden path and it becomes a stopping point on the short but pleasant journey to your backyard retreat. You can smell a flower or enjoy some refreshing shade prior to reaching your final destination. You may even make use of them as small gardens. One filled with tomatoes, peppers and cilantro keeps fresh salsa moments away, or you can try one with herbs such as mint and enjoy a refreshing mojito at a moment’s notice.

Consequently should you love to garden but you won’t be able to cater to it in your schedule, container gardening is the finest solution for you. By using a planter box for gardening needs less maintenance, the health of your plants are usually well taken care of, can be done both indoor and outdoor, and most of all they are very stylish.

Perennial Vines for Shade

Perennial vines are known to cover unsightly walls or structures in the landscape. This vine would be an amazing addition to your garden especially if the flowers are in full bloom. It’s nice to relax having a cup of coffee while enjoying the beauty of vining flower garden.

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There are articles on the web that you can scan casually, but this list of perennial vines for shade for Northern gardeners is not one of them. If all you do is scan this piece, you may come away with some misconceptions. To avoid that, I advise reading it carefully and following the links provided for further research.

Why the warning? Well, there are not a lot of hardy vines for shade, and some of the ones available are not necessarily plants that I would recommend growing. Out of desperation, some gardeners may turn to these poor choices — only to regret it later. I am here to help you avoid making such a mistake, in the first place.

The growing conditions in shady areas are challenging for many specimens. To overcome the challenges, shade plants are sometimes quite tenacious. “That is a good thing, right?” perhaps you ask. Unhappily, tenacity can be a double-edged sword: some non-native plants are so tenacious that they end up on invasive plant lists.

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52 Splendid Home Bar Ideas To Match Your Entertaining Style

I have seen the complete range of bars in homes. There are very dynamic home bars that look better than some of the actual bars. If you are planning to add a wine bar in your home take a look of these design ideas. I’m sure you will find something that would match your entertaining style.

If you love to party, then start right here with these home bar ideas to fully enjoy the experience.  Entertaining at home is an exciting way to show off your personal style. Whether you want to replicate the experience of having a night out on the town or create the feeling of an intimate bistro wine bar, these design tips can make you and your guests feel very special.


The entertainment of guests is not the only advantage, the other benefits to having your own home bar is the convenience, privacy and security it affords you. Whether you choose to have a glass of wine after work or a brandy after dinner, nothing compares to the comfort of knowing you can fully relax and enjoy the moment. For some the idea of having a home bar is somewhat like a dream, but making it come true is much easier than you might think.

Location of Your Home Bar

The first step to using any of these home bar ideas is to determine how much space you want to use: a seated bar for two to eight people will need more space than a single wall wet bar. Next, consider where you want it to be located; a wet bar will need plumbing to operate efficiently. Your personal decorating style comes into play for the design of your home bar.


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Outdoor Fireplace Design Ideas: Getting Cozy with 10 Designs

When you planned out for backyard or patio area, did you remember to include some form of outdoor fireplace to extend its use? Just as there are different styles of indoor fireplaces, there are many different styles of outdoor fireplaces. You can customize the fireplace to suit your needs and budget and the result can be anything from simple to elaborate.

With more and more homeowners looking to take advantage of their outdoor living spaces each year, features like outdoor fireplaces are becoming increasingly popular. In addition to making it possible to entertain friends and family outside for longer each season, outdoor fireplaces also pack a big punch in terms of landscape design. When integrated correctly, an outdoor fireplace can easily become the focal point in any outdoor living design. Want one that both suits your design style and encourages you to get cozy, any time of year? Draw out your creative side with these 10 outdoor fireplace design ideas to ensure maximum coziness for your patio spaces.

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Outdoor Living, Indoor Style

Recreate indoor living room comfort by surrounding your outdoor fireplace with inviting details such as a deep sectional sofa, coffee table, and an outdoor area rug. Make the space usable for more weeks each year by situating your hearth on a patio with a roof overhead, allowing you to get cozy during those crisp autumn evenings. Incorporate homey elements into your fireplace design: durable light fixtures, warm outdoor fabrics, quaint landscape art, and a light-catching mirror above the mantle all work spectacularly.

Rounded Forms

Harness the smooth, curved shape of an outdoor fireplace to create the ultimate backyard retreat. An earthy, natural setting beautifully complements this outdoor fireplace design. Spread crushed rock or pebbles around the area, and encircle your cobblestone fireplace with sturdy outdoor chairs and rustic patio furniture. Natural materials work best for this design idea and when put in the hands of professionals they become true landscape works of art.

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