23 Amazing Inspirations that Take the Bathroom Outdoors!

Have you ever bought a bathtub for your bathroom but it is too big or it does not fit with the decoration? Why not try putting a bathtub outside your home. You will fell relax bathing in a tub because of the nature that surrounds you.  This is something I want to try someday!

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The modern bathroom is quickly assuming the shape of a stylish and soothing retreat that is right at home. These days, many homeowners are more than happy to invest both the additional time and cash required to create a lavish bathroom that allows them to refresh and rejuvenate after a long, hard day. And in this quest for the fabulous spa-styled bathroom, the conventional walls have been brought down quite literally to blur the line between the interior and the outdoors. A beautiful outdoor bathroom blends complete privacy with an affinity for nature that is simply unmatched.

While some bathrooms on display here will leave you spellbound, others offer a practical and stylish way of taking the shower or bathtub outside without any major makeovers. If you thought that taking a relaxing dip in the backyard was not your thing, think again!

Luxury and Serenity

Taking the bathroom outdoors brings with it a wide range of advantages, and getting this done has become a lot easier in recent times. The outdoor bathroom offers the necessary privacy while ensuring that you have complete luxury at your fingertips. There are plenty of different configurations you can choose from, including a hot tub, freestanding bathtub and shower area, to smaller and simpler designs that incorporate just a shower and a bathtub. Converting the private garden or porch that is accessed from the master bedroom into an outdoor bathroom also makes perfect sense in terms of ergonomics.


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