5 Dangers Of Coming Out To Your Family (You Never See On TV)

“There is no single, sure-fire way of telling your parents that you are lesbian or gay. Just as no two families are exactly the same so the method, even the words, will vary from one family to the next. But many reactions are common to all families, and knowing this, it is often possible to work out the best method for your family. Very few parents imagine that their children could possibly be lesbian or gay. Even those who may have had suspicions still feel shocked, sad or angry when confronted with the fact. Try to understand this. You have had, perhaps, several years to gradually come to terms with the fact that you are lesbian or gay.”


Hey, good news, everyone — it’s less than 365 days until the next National Coming Out Day! Let’s all come out of the closet! In fact, let’s board up our closets entirely and just pile our clothes on that chair by the bed. Once you come out, life is just rainbows (literal and symbolic), and you’ll kick yourself for having waited so long. Or you might instead end up penniless and alone with your whole life screwed beyond repair. That’s what happened to “Ron.” Here’s his story.

5¬†Coming Out Isn’t Always A Realistic Option

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Even if there are some rough patches, coming out is a wonderful experience that always improves your life. At least, that’s how it is on TV. Ron points to Justin from Queer As Folk.

“His dad didn’t accept him, and his mom was odd about it too. Within a few episodes, though, she had divorced his father and was pro-gay.”

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