Making your yard a haven is a great goal, but you should avoid these common landscaping mistakes. So take some time to research what are necessary for your yard.


Some Common Landscaping Mistakes

3 seedlings ready for plantingNow that the warm weather is here, your mind might turn to fixing up your garden or getting your lawn in order. While it’s easy to get excited while walking through your local garden center, it’s important to invest some time in simple planning before you start planting. From unnecessary decoration, to a lack of proper planning for your plants, some common mistakes can make it harder for plants to grow where you want them to. Here are a few of the most common errors, and how you can avoid them when making your own landscaping plans.

Plan Before You Plant

Landscape renovation starts with planning. Whether you are doing the work on your own, or you’re hiring contractors from a landscaping company, you need to plan what you are doing before you break any dirt. This is more than a simple matter of planting for the right amount of sunlight. You have to also consider:

  • future growth of the plant, and other plants around it
  • the plant’s impact on water or utility lines underground
  • how a plant may shade or hide windows
  • how you will irrigate the plant
  • deer and other pests that can harm a new plant
  • traffic patterns on your property, like existing sidewalks or slopes, that can impact plantings

Before you start to buy, take a walk along your street. What is thriving in your neighbors’ front yards? Every property is different, but if your homes face the same direction, it can give you a starting point in …


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