7 Modern Interior Trends 2015 Reinventing Classic Luxury and Versatile Functionality

Happy new year and a happy new home? If you want something new in your very own sanctuary, here are some trends that you might to check out this 2015! Good thing that this year, the trend comes with versatility so that you really won’t have any struggle in finding the perfect style that will fit your home.


1. Fusion of styles, materials and decoration patterns

Mixing old and new interior design ideas and incorporating a fusion of styles into room decor are modern interior trends 2015 that create stylish, comfortable and interesting living spaces, connecting the old and fresh. Softly curved lines, organic shapes and natural interior decorating color schemes with stunning accents dramatically change interior design and decor.

2. Modern interior decorating materials

Salvaged wood, stone and metal are popular and modern interior design materials, especially fabulous rustic wood, natural light wood and exotic types of wood, colorful stained wood, warmly glowing gold and majestic bronze, elegant granite and luxurious marble.

modern interior design ideas and color trends

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Green wall design, vertical gardens for interior decorating

Metals are mainly combined with other materials in frames and bases of modern chairs, tables, sofas, beds and lighting fixtures. Metal and wood details are modern interior trends for 2015 in classic and contemporary furniture and decor accessories. White marble is the most luxurious …


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