9 Easy Ways to Add Storage Space

Making your home efficient must not be based on your space or how large the room is. All it takes is a creative mind to put and organize things without resulting into messy looking home. To maximize your space, just incorporate these storage your solutions to your home.

Kitchen Rollouts

There’s rarely enough cabinet space in a kitchen. Rollouts, which are pull-out shelves or drawers on a rail system, are an easy way to solve that problem, since they provide additional shelves for your pots, pans, cookie sheets, or boxes of dried goods. The shelves slide out for easy access, so they’re great for holding heavy items like a mixer (and because you won’t have to bend down so far to pick them up, your back will thank you). Whether you build your own rollouts from plywood or buy them assembled and finished, they will double or even triple your cabinet storage space.

Second-Hand Kitchen Cabinets for the Garage

Forget those mega-expensive garage storage systems. Sure, they look nice, but this is the garage—function trumps aesthetics. An easy and usually cheap way to increase garage storage is to install old kitchen cabinets.

Find previously used cabinets at garage sales, online, or by talking to kitchen remodeling contractors who typically replace them on a regular basis. Second-hand cabinets are usually pretty solid and add a lot of storage space. Level them and screw them to studs, just like you would when hanging them in the kitchen.

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