8 Kitchen Storage Secrets

When you have used up every cabinet in the kitchen how can you create more storage space? For any food product or dish that you might have, there is a better way for you to store it rather than just stashing it on a shelf somewhere.

1. Go Vertical

“If you have to inch out items gingerly to avoid an avalanche, it’s tough to keep cabinets neat. A smarter solution is to turn all the cookie sheets, cooling racks, and muffin tins 90 degrees and store them vertically, like books. You’ll be able to pull one out easily without shifting the others. Reconfigure the shelves if you need more room. And keep in mind: Like books need bookends, you’ll need to hold these items in place with dividers (4-Sort Dividers, from $4 each, containerstore.com).” —Lisa Zaslow, New York City–based organizer

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2. Sort Your Mail

“If you have a hard time keeping mail from piling up, first deal with the discards off the bat. A recycling bin in the kitchen or the garage is the best solution for immediately tossing junk—flyers and unwanted catalogs. (To cancel junk mail, go to catalogchoice.org). For the keepers, set up a basic system using folders with broad labels—insurance, bills paid—which will make it easy to file them fast. Realistically, you may not be able to get to the mail every day. Collect unopened envelopes in an office or kitchen command center in a tray or an open box (Large Accessory Tray, $18, poppin.com). Then commit to a 15-minute weekly follow-up so that the pile never gets too big. Sort at the same time every week—say, on Saturday mornings—and the sessions will become automatic and (relatively) painless.” —Ellen Madere, Old Lyme, Connecticut–based organizer

3. Use Space Wisely

When you have no pantry be selective about what you buy in bulk. “A five-pound bag of coffee makes sense because you drink it every morning, but a 10-pound bag of rice doesn’t. Focus on carving out room in your cabinets. Boxed items are filled with air, so you can fit more of those products on shelves if you decant into sealable square canisters. To open up more space for food, move mixing bowls, measuring cups, and other kitchen tools off the shelves and into a cart that can act as a food-prep zone. Last, collect loose items—tea bags, snack packs—in clear, stackable bins to keep them from cluttering up your space.” —Andrew Mellen, New York City–based organizer and author of Unstuff Your Life!

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