Advantages and Disadvantages of DIY Home Security System

There are several DIY alarm system kits in the marketplace. To many home owners, finding one from the store and installing it may seem an effective and economical solution. However, you actually need to find out more on this choice and its benefits and drawbacks prior to making a choice.

Rather than spending an extensive amount of cash just to have an alarm installed for your residence, educate yourself on the extensive quantity of DIY alarm kits available on the internet instead. With these DIY alarms, you’ll get the best alarm kits available, programmed and ready to install. The only difference is you will do the set up yourself, saving yourself thousands of money. They’re just created in a way that even those with little electronics or construction savvy can put them to use in an afternoon. Many also allow consumers to monitor the system themselves, saving the sometimes punishing monthly fees which are often characteristic of home security.


With DIY security alarm setup, you have the chance to select a kit which fits your needs, preferences, requirements and budget. You can pick a kit from almost any manufacturer. This is not the case when you become a client of a company. You get to accept the system that they offer you. The main benefit of the DIY option is that you cut costs with it. You’ll simply have to purchase the equipment. You won’t need to pay for installation and testing. You will not have to pay for monitoring either, unless you would like to utilize this service specifically.


Even though it is a DIY activity, problems in the installation may occur and you might end up in great dilemma as you’ve got to contact the manufacturer’s support or worst get a replacement for damaged parts. Therefore, DIY should be done with extra care and focus to avoid serious damages. Though installing the equipment is fairly easy, any mistakes in the actual installation along with the planning could make the system ineffective. While screwing door detectors is a simple task, even the slightest scratch may damage them and make them ineffective.

Additionally, some DIY systems offer little in the way of monitoring or real security protection, not to mention great modern features such as alarm text and email notifications, remote arm/ disarm features, keypads with weather alerts, as well as the ability to manage your homes energy and lighting controls from any place in the world. Today’s alarm system does far more than keep the bad guys out.

There are indeed advantages and disadvantages in having DIY alarm system. It will always be your decision whether it is applicable to your home and if you are comfortable with the features it offers.

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