Build an Easy 5 x 5 Home Greenhouse for under $25

“A greenhouse is a structure that creates microclimate that is perfect for plant development. It can be utilized to start growing plants or house them for the duration of their life. Building a greenhouse is a challenging project to handle, be that as it may, it should be possible on a financial plan or by expert manufacturers. Building 5 x 5 greenhouse is cheap but effective and  a great way for growers to produce food year-round in colder climates.”

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Here is how you can build your own home greenshouse for under $25.

The main pic is a larger version of the 5×5 Greenhouse. See the actual 5×5 image below. For more pics and info please see my website at:

Step 1: Supplies Needed

  • 1/2″ PVC Pipe

4 sections, Total Cost about $8.00

  • 1/2″ Corner Elbow Connectors

4 with 3 ports

  • 1/2″ Adapters

4, Connectors + Adapters total cost about $4.00

  • Primer and PVC Cement

Total cost about $5.50, Borrowed cost = $0

  • Scissors

I had scissors – my cost $0

  • Long Zip Ties

My cost $1 from the dollar store

  • Hack Saw or Pipe Cutter

Borrowed – My cost $0

  • Visquene or Plastic Sheeting

6′ x 6′, 3.5 mil (6 mil is ideal)
Thin clear plastic will not withstand past one season.
Box of 10′ x 25′ is $13.50, Cost per section roughly $7.50

  • Total Cost = $20.50


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