Buyers Guide for Buying Portable Shampoo Bowl

In many establishments the shampoo chair (also known as the backwash unit) is an important item required for providing quality service to customers. However, nowadays it is not just limited for salons but you can also have this right on you own home.


If you are a stylist and you provide personal services to your clients in their homes, then it is very important for you to be flexible with your schedule.  A personal hair stylist or a private service providing beauty salons always needs perfect equipment to do their job well. One of the important equipment for them is a portable shampoo bowl.

A portable shampoo bowl is an equipment which provides mobility to the stylist or a caretaker of a patient (in a health care organization) who wants to use this product for rendering hair washing services to their clients. It is also an amazing investment for a person who travels a lot. A portable shampoo bowl is as same as the sinks that are fixed in a salon.

Earlier, people used to think that it is quite difficult for them to afford and use a shampoo bowl at their home. But, with the invention of portable shampoo bowl, this problem is also solved now. These equipment are not only easy to transport but also available at a very reasonable price.

A portable shampoo bowl possesses a huge bent opening which permits your clients to get relaxed while lying back on the bowl during the hair wash. It is also manufactured from durable sculpted plastic material which makes it quite strong. You can find them in numerous colors, sizes, and styles.

Benefits of a Portable Shampoo Bowl

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First of all, before buying a portable shampoo bowl, you must know what benefits these products provide to the hair stylist. The following are some points which answer the above question:

  • A portable shampoo bowl is a great technique of safeguarding that the water utilizes for washing the hair of clients directly moves into a sink without dampening the individual who is taking the stylist’s services.
  • Since these shampoo bowls are portable; you can easily carry it with you from one place to another without any hassle. It is also quite stress-free to


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