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How to Create the Ultimate Bachelor Pad

Most house design publications are aimed towards women, yet there are several men who want to enhance their houses too. These men are not searching for pastel walls or shelves filled with miniatures. They’d wish to keep away from flowery colors but they want something interesting and thrilling to add character to their homes. Redecorating a masculine bachelor pad can actually be a lot of fun when you get creative.

The most challenging part of any conceptual endeavor is how and where to start. Acquiring ideas right off the top of your head can be natural for a few, but even the best and smartest can run out of things to think of once in a while. If in the event the latter happens to you, make an effort to think outside your itty-bitty mental box. Browse the web or read a couple of magazines to find out what kind of theme suits your pad best.

After that, you must take a close look at your current room design. Notice if you’ve got any kind of wonderful features that one could play up with the style. Do you possess gorgeous architectural elements? Are the floors covered in natural wood or stone? Search for the positive in order to emphasize it.

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Deciding on the bed is a vital decision. How we sleep may establish the quality of the day that follows, and the success or failure to live up to our own potential. A great, restful night’s sleep brings about quicker thinking, effective problem-solving, and a happier self. It is easy to see, then, how obtaining the right bed is a vital step in achieving success in daily life. And there’s little argument that young men enjoy their sleep!! A twin-sized bed might not allow enough room for a comfortable night’s sleep, while a king-sized bed may offer an excessive amount of space.

The right lights is crucial in creating the perfect, comfy Bachelor Pad. Don’t use halogen and stick to warmer, dim lit lamps. Ideally you have to have lights where you can adjust the brightness. Chinese, lantern lamps are great As well as steel standing lamps with several fixtures which you can shine in various directions. When it comes to other forms of lighting, nothing says peace of mind in a home than candles.

Then add drapes to your windows to soften the effects of bold colors. Choose simple valances or panels in solid colors or stripes to carry on with the masculine theme. You ought to go the colors of your curtains with your rug, when possible. This may draw interest from the floor to the ceiling, tying the whole color scheme together.

Typically, it’s the small things that basically make it attractive to both the owner and the visitor. Having personal valuables in the room, like photos and frames or little knick knacks here and there make it feel lived in and comfortable. Without these little touches, the room will just feel like an impersonal space, similar to a hotel room. Even wall hangings of prints that are chosen randomly could be a key to personality and will add flavor to a simple and empty space.


15 Welcoming Rustic Entryway Decor Ideas

Design your entryway with rustic decors! Don’t wait until your guests are inside for them to be impressed with your interior design. Here is a great article I’ve found on decorating your entryway and foyer.

What’s the coziest decor style? Rustic, of course! This style is so welcoming itself that sometimes just several rustic details are enough to create a comfy ambiance. Today we’ll have a look how to create such an ambience in your entryway as it’s the first inner space your visitors see, and that’s important to make them feel at ease and comfy.

a cabin feel in this entryway is created with unique wood wall covering

Wall Decor

How to decorate your walls to make them look rustic? Wood is the answer! If it’s an entryway, why not clad them with reclaimed wood of your choice – completely or partially? Another idea is to go with similar tiles or even wallpapers to spend less time on that. You can also rock a rustic gallery wall, with vintage rustic frames, artworks and signs.


There’s a wide range of rustic furniture to choose from, and of course you can craft some yourself – this way it will be fully customized for your space. As we are speaking of entryways, it’s usually a bench or a console table, or both. Rustic pieces with a vintage feel are right what you need in such a case, and they can also have a shabby chic feel. One more idea is a large shelving unit with cabinets, it can be clad with wood and painted white for a cute rustic look. Enjoy the ideas below!

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Using Moroccan Style Decor in Your Home

The Moroccan decorating style is one that conveys both classiness along with mystery to your house. Moroccan décor brings together Islamic, Persian, African, and Mediterranean influences, combined with those from Spain, Portugal and France. Often Moroccan décor might be said to be a combination of the outdoors located indoors as it is similar to a posh desert oasis.

Moroccan design is renowned for its rich, vibrant colors, textures and patterns, and by adding touches here and there, you’ll be on your way to creating an evocative and exotic home.

The colors of Moroccan décor are pretty straight forward, coming from the ocean with its greens and blues, Sahara sands gleaming golds and silvers, and amazing sunsets that paint the desert with its warm oranges along with its vibrant reds. The furniture is detailed with detailed mosaics and quite often is sumptuously hand carved, and terra cotta tile figures heavily in amazing detail.

Richly colored fabrics of various textures are usually draped over the various unique furniture pieces, utilized to separate one area of a room from another or meticulously drape a window. The Moroccan designer usually create flow with the various floor covering fabrics unique to this decorating style. Traditional woven rugs having a variety of patterns and colors are normal to the traditional Moroccan design.

Lights are never brash nor white colored contrary to the modern “look.” Rather it is soft and dissipated through colored glass, or tiny holes from various cut metal lamps that are hung from the ceiling, similar to exotic candlelight. Considering that the lighting is soft, part of the Moroccan “look” involves mirrors strategically placed throughout to be able to surround the room with supplementary reflective soft light. Mirrors are especially exotic when framed in mother of pearl inlays.

Colorful mosaic tables not only give a Moroccan feel to your place, but in addition helps to brighten up a dull room. Make use of handmade Moroccan tiles will go a long way in creating a Moroccan decor. Use of Moroccan tent as a Moroccan lounge escape in your backyard. Use of Moroccan wood lattice screens also called Jali Screens in your windows doors, kitchen and bath cabinet doors, and even as a room divider wall. Last but not the least, you can buy silk bedcovers or cushion covers, in jewel tones, to make that best Moroccan look.

Other Moroccan decor and furnishings which are popular would be furniture, lanterns, mirrors, benches, sofas, and beds. You will be really impressed by incorporating of the furniture that is made of leather. They’re very comfy to utilize. And if you need to get something for the kitchen, some Moroccan tagines would be great as you could create some Moroccan cuisine with them.

Moroccan style of decorating is incomplete without the right scents accompanying the decorations. Aromas of exotic spices, nutmeg and cinnamon can make you think about the mysterious markets of Marrakesh and Tangier. Make use of an abundance of scented candles and incense sticks to give yourself a truly Moroccan treat.

Modular Kitchen: Revolutionize the Interior Of Your Kitchen

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Whenever there is a talk about kitchen, it is considered the most important portion of house for ladies. So, the decoration and care of kitchen is as essential as the other sections of the house. As the question of decorating the kitchen arises, a lot of people appear to have taken a fancy to the modular kitchen of late. The modular kitchen set has now become a ubiquitous feature.

Modular kitchen is the modern layout of kitchen furniture with units of cabinets designed specifically for various purposes. They are available in diverse materials and colors to accommodate the requirements and taste of various group of people. Their innovators believed that the designs will tremendously ease kitchen work, along with make it fun filled, instead of boring.

People who are new buyers immediately choose it, and those who choose to re-model their houses also seem to prefer it to the older versions. It’s because modular kitchen designs include various elements such as aesthetic appeal, latest trends along with efficiency.

Maximizing storage space has always been important in the kitchen. New storage trends integrate dividers and sliding trays into cabinet and storage spaces, bringing space to previously cluttered kitchen areas. From shelf height to cabinet handles, when it comes to space for storage, design is in the details. Designing our very own, efficient, custom-made structures for the cabinets could increase the kitchen’s functionality, free up precious countertop space and make up a more tranquil atmosphere.

Moreover, it takes very little time to set up them kitchens as most of the fittings are ready made. The experts needs very little time to install them and it is quite handy for homeowners at the same time if the gets a short session of installment guide training.

Deciding on a modular kitchen is a smart decision in terms of budget since it costs lesser than the traditional ones where you will need to spend on buying appliances and getting additional work done to enhance the space. It can be cleaned and maintained in a much economical manner. It is also easy to repair individual aspects of the kitchen individually.

This particular type of stylish kitchen furniture is easily available in almost any furniture shops. They come in various styles and design. To purchase the right kind of furniture you can also take help from internet where you will get the whole details of this type of furniture. Moreover the well-informed sales person of furniture shops will provide you all the individual details relating to your furniture needs. This furniture must help you to enhance your kitchen’s appearance.


The Basics of Shabby Chic Style

A shabby chic look is a design and style that effortlessly lends itself to decorating on a budget. It is because the Shabby Chic look is dependent on utilizing furnishings which are comfortable, time-worn, and in keeping with simple and practical living.

Should you be on a limited decorating budget and would like to build a look that’s unpretentious yet elegant, Shabby Chic could be the style for you. Below are a few of the basic elements that make up a Shabby Chic look that you may want to try in your house.

Painted Walls: It’s likely that your Shabby Chic space has soft walls – something such as white, beige, or a pale pastel like butter yellow. Instead, make use of a bold, saturated color from one of the fabric patterns within the room. To illustrate, if you have a floral pattern with a white background in the room, choose a vibrant pink or green found in that fabric.

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Unmatched Printed Fabrics: To enliven the white slip covers, printed and patterned fabrics are included as comfortable throw pillows, chair cushions, bedding, etc. These fabrics tend to be floral but could also be striped, paisley or other type of subdued print. These various patterns and colors creates a relaxed feel in a Shabby Chic house, and enables a budget decorator to buy remnants to mix and match.

Unique Furniture: Plenty of properties have stashes of unused furniture in the spare room or attic. Generally, they are replaced by more modern pieces. It is possible to bring some of them back again, proverbially speaking, if you have the time and patience to modify them yourself. All you need is light colored paint – preferably white – sandpaper, a piece of cloth and a cleaning solution.

Flowers: Flowers and greenery are staples in shabby chic decor. Purchase a few flowers at the market or pick some of your own if you have them. Throw them in an old looking vase, but try not to try to set them up perfectly – you’d like them to appear a little thrown together. That is the beauty of shabby chic; the appearance is elegant and relaxed, yet not too perfect.

Unique Lighting: Shabby Chic features light fixtures and lamps in which generally look like flea market finds. Usually the light fixtures have glass or crystal beads that in juxtaposition to the casual furniture creates a surprise look. Lamps are usually painted, and feature fabric shades made from printed fabrics.

The shabby chic style of interior decorating is here to remain for quite some time. Be it just one piece of furniture, a whole room, or a house-wide theme, the shabby home design style with its deeply rooted history, will really make a statement in your home.


Get the Look Rustic Country Kitchens

Whenever you hear the term rustic, your imagination might conjure up log home style décor with bear rugs and dark paneling on the walls. Or perhaps, you may be thinking of a more country style rustic, with copper pans hanging from the pot rack and rooster on the countertops. Today, rustic kitchen are incredibly classy and chic. They fit flawlessly traditional and country style homes simply because they efficiently depict that old-fashioned and cozy look. While a lot of retailers are championing the smooth minimal line for Modern Day kitchen design, the reliable rustic country kitchen look is still a firm favorite with traditional, timeless sentiments that last a long way into the future of your home.

Listed here are our some tips for having this best rustic country kitchen design:

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Creative Storage

To bring the natural rustic design into the kitchen, you’d like cabinets and storage areas of natural looking materials as much as possible. Kitchen cabinets are definitely more than a storage space since they deliver a powerful personal statement of style & taste of the house owner. Kitchen cabinets are no longer limited by design and color. You can find good quality wood, fiber and various modular designs available. Cabinet design is dependent on the kitchen decor style, material, colors, door style and accessories.

Go Natural

In choosing your cabinets and worktops think natural and modest. A traditional country kitchen would not have had granite or marble worktops, so if you are trying to mirror the look obtain the right materials. Solid wood worktops are affordable and work really well in the natural stakes, whilst wooden cabinets are a necessity – whether you are choosing painted or waxed.

Fixtures and Fittings

The kitchen design must have unity in all its elements including wooden table, rustic shade cabinets, and open wooden shelves with vintage kitchen accessories giving it the perfect rustic interior design. Rustic kitchen design ideas may be made easier but the theme should austerely be rustic.


In an ideal world everyone would have a utility room in which to store all the white items that a cooking area requires, but if you don’t have room in your design to allow for this sort of layout, then make certain that appliances are at least hidden behind some solid wooden cabinet doors – electrical goods never equate to the country cottage living look.


The color scheme makes or breaks an interior design. Rustic kitchen signature colors consist of shades of red, orange and gold. Orange color is considered to be the appetite stimulant and luxury maker. The floor needs to be distinguished with hard wood and metallic copper shades so it can have a Mediterranean feel.


15 Modern and Contemporary Rooftop Terrace Designs

I wished for a small sitting arrangement on the terrace of my house. I wanted it to be such that I can sit and work on my laptop while savoring the beauty of my surrounding. And this would be possible if I have a rooftop terrace at my home.

Having a place where you could rest and take a good look at the surroundings would certainly be a great thing. That is why having an outdoor place to stay is ideal. It could be a seating area under a pergola, a gazebo, a mere bench in the garden; or it could also be a veranda, terrace, or a patio. Any of these could give you a place where you can breathe in fresh air and where you can see the vast heavens. That would be a relaxing view which can take away all your stress from a day’s work.

We have already showcased some houses with terrace and you have also seen a closer look at these terrace designs. So, today, allow us to show you another batch of terrace designs.

This time, these terraces are located in the rooftop. These are also called roof decks or patios.

For this collection, we will be showing you rooftop terrace with modern and contemporary designs. Take a look at them as you scroll down the page.

Roof Top Terrace

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With an outdoor fireplace, teak furniture, planters and wooden flooring, this roof terrace is so beautiful.

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Home Decorating Tips: Retro Decorating is Making a Comeback

It was a popular look back in the 50’s and even the 60’s however there have been a time when this creative look faded away. Yet, like all good stuff, it has a way of finding its way back. Retro home decorating depends on accessories deciding on the right ones will give it an enthralling style. Explore using fun retro accessories that give you the fun and funky style of yesteryear.

If you have a small decorating budget it is possible to assimilate the 60s or 70s style in your home with the following economical tips.

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Employ fabrics with plaid and paisley patterns in bright colors and add some nice area rugs, which could boost the retro look of the room. Even checkered fabrics can look good and could be efficiently used in this decorating style.


As a fan of retro styles, bean bags and vintage chair are retro stylish piece of furniture can help you get started in decorating your home in that direction.


You can include different types of add-ons, which includes door beads, lava lamps, sculptures and stools with bright colors together with vintage era tables to lend that retro look to your decor. When you have some retro posters of movie albums, perhaps you can even consider framing them on the wall to get more interest.

Household Goods

These can definitely insert an intriguing look to any design, no matter what the décor. To include zip to your retro decorating, stay with accessories which have a fun and funky feel. Making the most of vintage household goods on shelves can lead to a good look. Look at shopping at thrift stores or garage sales for those interesting items which won’t take all your money.


Interior decor in the 60’s and 70’s set lots of focus on color, in which lent nearly every house a unique look of its own. There’s no need to redo your whole home, all you have to do is use punchy hues in certain areas of your home to provide it with a classic look from the bygone era. Typically of thumb, make use of pale colors in a tiny room and darker colors in rooms which are larger in size. Should your room is small, paint the walls with a lighter color and enhance the look by throwing in many more saturated accessories.

You won’t need to go overboard with bright colors and wild patterns. Should you not want to choose an entire retro theme, you should use retro chairs, an orb-style fireplace, and patterned rugs.

To inject a retro look into your home is easy if you know the right way to change several things here and there and are willing to spend some time researching and experimenting. We hope these tips help give you the retro home you really want.


Decorating in French Country Style Decor

French country style home decor isn’t difficult to attain. Nevertheless, there are several things to know that can assist you achieve the right look. Here are some suggestions and tips to help get you going.


For colors, you ought to think blues and yellows. Earth tones of green like grass green are good to utilize. Should you use shades of red, bright is the word, and soft shades of gold will work. Floral patterns are nice, and anything that produces a touch of the countryside. You would like to achieve the appearance of a manor in France.

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Rustic is very important for this kind of old world decoration. Older things with a rusty patina will suits you in. This includes furniture and light fixtures. Antiques are extremely good and in most cases, there is no need for restoration. You would like these things to look like they have lived a long life.


The furniture often seen in this well-liked home decor style is natural looking with a rural quality. Dark woods with a matte finish are well-liked, as are pieces that have been painted white. Furnishings don’t have to appear perfect, and in fact a few natural nicks or slight wear lends towards the appeal. You will often find that wrought iron and antiqued metals blend seamlessly and add to the charm.


Soft pastels are good for the walls, and you might even embellish them with stenciled French country motifs like sunflowers, fruits or roosters. Any kind of wall hangings should continue the rural appeal, and pictures framed in antiqued wood or wrought iron create a fantastic center point. Chipped pitchers are also an ideal addition to your French country decor. Make use of an old ceramic pitcher that’s cracked or chipped to hold herbs, sunflowers and other natural greenery from the back yard. The idea would be to provide your home a rural, comfortable effect.


A fireplace would be the perfect touch to your decorating scheme. A vintage looking stone fireplace with a worn wooden beam for a mantle is a good look for this type of decorating. The hearth can be a simple brick or even clay, and don’t neglect fireplace pots created from copper. Any fireplace accessories could be from distressed looking iron.

If you’d like your house to have French country style home deco, think old world warmth and charm. Earth colors and iron are good for this look. Distressed wooden beams and stone or brick flooring, should also be considered. Rustic is the one other way to describe this look.

Why Should You Get a Garden Awning

Besides being fixtures that add style to your residence, awnings enable you to enjoy the outdoors because they protect you from wind, sunlight as well as other elements of the weather. Outdoor awnings like a garden awning are commonly seen positioned in gardens, backyards and patios. Awnings just like these make it easy for you and your family to assemble and relish the scenery and the fresh cool air of the outdoors without having to worry too much regarding the weather’s excesses.

Awnings should be manufactured from durable fabrics and also stand the varying varying weather conditions and daily use. Materials come in all sorts of colours and patterns, from modern and classy to bold and bright, therefore there is sure to be one to match your taste and décor. Fabrics should be coated with Teflon and an anti-mildew treatment to guard them from the elements, and strain resistant to make sure they do not shrink or twist as time passes. UV protection can also be vital.

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They are really helpful to have for anyone who has a patio since it will be able to hide you not just from the rain – but also from the sizzling heat. Having awning in your house, you can easily extend space in your own home. If you don’t have enough space in your own home, but concurrently you need to have a party at the outside, then outdoor awning must be your decision. Using the outdoor awning, everyone can enjoy the party without worrying about the heat from the sun or even the heavy rain.

There are several garden awnings for sale out with features making it best for outdoor purposes. Outdoor awnings are made with waterproof canvasses that effortlessly repel droplets of water from rain. Quite a few have motorized posts that enable you to retract and set-up your awning with a touch of a button. These awnings have motorized pulleys that make it easier for you to put up your garden awning even from inside your property. Most automated awnings like this come with remote controls so that you can take control of your awning even from inside the house.This is extremely convenient, particularly when many individuals find it really bothersome and tiresome to set-up awnings manually. What’s more is that you may now very easily retract an awning whenever the weather becomes awry with no hassles of doing it yourself. Some even come with particular accessories like lamps and insect zappers to boost your outdoor experience. Garden or patio awnings with features similar to this definitely make it fun to be out there in your garden.

You could look at variations available for outdoor awnings like those offered online. Doing this opens you up to the numerous possibilities and designs that you could have in the home for your outdoor windows.