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Tips for Putting a Gnome in Your Yard

“Garden gnomes are probably the most popular decorative garden statues. Most of the times, they are cute, lovely to look at, and loved by almost everyone. However, since they are so popular, it is sometimes a hassle to find an original garden gnome for your outdoor space.”

There is virtually no "wrong" way to put a gnome in your yard.

Garden gnomes trace their history back to 1884, when sculptor Phillip Griebel first introduced the pointy-hatted statues into yards across Germany. Since then, this colorful ornament – now available in dozens of styles and myriad varieties – has evolved into a staple of millions of lawns across the globe. The key to putting a gnome in your yard is to toss out the rulebook and embrace the sense of fun and whimsy these little guys represent…


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Concrete vs. Asphalt Driveways: Pros and Cons

It’s important to have a nice and well-made driveway. Your driveway is one section of your home that gets regular traffic. It’s also the first part of the house that may be seen by your visitors and neighbours. Do you choose asphalt and concrete for a better front yard? This article covers the various advantages and disadvantages of both asphalt and concrete driveways.”

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Concrete and asphalt are among the most typical materials that are utilized to make driveways. You have to examine their positives and negatives before making use of any of the materials to construct a driveway. Asphalt contains tar giving it its adhesive property. In contrast, cement is responsible for the adhesive property of concrete. The two substrates give these materials their unique characteristics which also affects the maintenance process required, durability and cost.

The advantages and disadvantages of concrete driveways

Generally, concrete is a simple material to utilize when you wish to understand an array of finishes. They could be stamped, etched or engraved into diverse designs. Furthermore, they may also be stained to get an variety of colors. Thus giving a wide range of options that you can use to realize diverse designs which makes it a more sensible choice for anyone who would wish to customize their his or her driveway. Furthermore, If you’re looking for something that requires less maintenance and it is stronger to harsh environments, then you might want to consider concrete driveways. Furthermore they require less repairs when compared with its counterparts, however its lifespan could last as long as 30 years. Concrete driveways will also be good insulators, so heat energy is more easily stored into concrete. This means that concrete will be colder on a heated day.

Despite the fact that durability is among concrete’s strengths, the cost might be enough to create most owners select asphalt for their driveways. The cost of manufacturing concrete and also the raw material needed fluctuate, usually leading to concrete to cost as much as it does.

The pros and cons of asphalt driveways

Asphalt driveways are most commonly found in areas with extreme weather conditions. The reason being asphalt features a natural flexibility that stops it from cracking in extreme cold weather. In addition, it may endure deicing with salt, although concrete can be damaged when salt is utilized on it. Plus, the dark color stimulates quicker melting of ice and snow by attracting the sun’s heat. In many instances you will notice that the cost of asphalt is around 30 % less than concrete, even though this can vary, asphalt is a petroleum product thus its price varies as oil prices change.

The last decision lies with you. When you can afford it, then you definitely must choose a concrete driveway. In the end, they will show to be a better choice. Obtain a good expert to assist you in laying out your driveway. These professionals may also help you in decorative your driveway to provide you with a a lot better appearance that you’re going to cherish for years to come.

Fountain Ideas to Spruce Up Your Backyard

Outdoor fountains fit into any style garden. A fountain packs a lot of charm right into a small landscaping space. Whether traditional or contemporary, it propels a stream of water through the air and helps to create a cooling effect. It is perfect for up-close viewing, and that’s why fountains are often found on a porch, patio, or other sitting area.”

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Garden fountains could add so much for any outdoor space. Whether it’s the soothing sound of running water, the striking visual of a tiered fountain or the capacity to create a new home for a lot of beautiful fish, fountains can attract almost anyone. When you’re looking to give a fountain to your garden, there are several things to remember.

Choosing the best fountain to accent your patio may take a little bit of shopping around, but you should start with taking a closer look at the space available for you. Sitting areas that lack a centerpiece may benefit from a tiered fountain that will serves as a focal point. In case your center point is already established through a table, barbecue, artwork or plants, then consider outdoor fountains for your patio which are out of the way but still pack a punch – like a cascading fountain or wall fountain. Those two can be placed aside or in the corner of your patio since they add a delicate backdrop to conversations and social gatherings. Larger patios may incorporate koi ponds having a large fountain at the center, while small patios can get the exact same enjoyment from a standing or wall-mounted bird fountain.

Finding the right material.

Outdoor fountains for your patio can be created out of just about any material. However you’ll want your fountain to look its great for so long as your patio exists, and some materials may outlast others. Copper and bronze fountains allow for minute details, but the color will patina or tarnish with time as oxidization happens.

Lots of people choose natural materials for fountains so they blend well with the natural surrounding environment. Wood and bamboo are perfect for oriental or simple designs. For more lavish fountains, granite, marble and concrete can be used. These materials are quite heavy so they are better served by being used in floor fountains. Cast stone fountains seem like real stone but they are lighter and incredibly durable. They can be molded in to just about any design that gives you a lot of options for your patio.

Many decide on fiberglass outdoor fountain because of its weight. Being a fiberglass material, your garden fountain is going to be kept at a manageable weight, thus making it easier to move, move and clean. Lots of the fiberglass tiered fountains although they may be tall, have a spin lock system so the pieces may come apart for easy storage in cold months and easy cleaning

Electric or Solar-powered.

A lot of bigger fountains need to be pre-wired underground. Furthermore, they may need filters and liners if they are part of a pond. As an environmentally friendly alternative, solar fountains usually do not require much maintenance. The most important thing to take into account with a solar fountain is that has to be placed somewhere where it’ll receive a lot of sunlight.

It’s not hard to see that dealing with outdoor fountains, the options are endless. You can find fountains readily available for every situation, each and every available space and any outdoor decor. The rest can be up to you..

Budget Backyard: 10 Ways to Use Cheap Concrete Cinder Blocks Outdoors

“Cinder blocks make a durable and affordable border for your flower bed. You can do anything in your yard with cinder blocks, from building raised garden beds and retaining walls to making custom outdoor furniture.  If you enjoy the cost and longevity of concrete blocks but don’t like the look, paint the blocks with an acid stain to bring a look of natural stone into your garden.Keep reading for nine cinder block gardens that you will want to make yourself!”

Your backyard’s new best friend may be the humble, lowly cinder block. What it lacks in pizzazz it makes up for in versatility, durability and affordability. Each one costs a little more than a buck and, with some imagination, can be used in countless ways to add function and flair to your outdoor space. Here are ten DIY cinderblock ideas to steal, modify and make your own…


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Learn How to Keep Water Clear in Fountains and Ponds

“You must at least keep the water level up. It is something that has to be tackled because in the end poor maintenance can be unsightly and expensive not to mention terminal for the humble gold fish. If it’s well planned and positioned a water feature can be a wonderful addition to your garden. Water in our gardens has the capacity to mesmerise and raise the spirits like little else. But most of us do want our artificial water to look as clear and sparkling and natural as possible.”


A green and healthy garden is every gardener’s dream. But in some cases too much green can be unpleasant and we are looking for easy to get rid of it. It is the case of algae from fountains or small ponds. If you have some kind of water in your garden you will have to deal with algae at one point. If the amount of floating green slime in your pond is a small one, you can call yourself very lucky. But a larger amount of algae in the water can damage filters and disturb fishes. Luckily, there are some great tips on specialized websites that can help you keep your waters algae free and clean them once these appear. In case you have a large pond or fountain, animals and plants will contribute to keeping the waters clean. You just have to check them once in a while in case algae appear. For more details on how to clean smaller ponds click on the link below…

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Hardscaping: For Beautifying Your Yard

In terms of landscaping there are lots of options for updating an old and out-of-date property to boost value and utility. When most people think of landscaping, they think of plants and gardens. Even so, landscaping often includes hardscapes that’s comprised of non-living components. Hardscapes usually include structures made of concrete, brick, stone, or wood, but could also include stuff like sundials or any other non-living component of your landscape. Including hardscapes bring variety in your outdoor areas and can bring brand new practical uses to your area.”

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Spring has sprung and more people are enjoying the sunshine by spending longer in their yards. BBQs are rolled out and parties planned. The season of family-fun and friendly get-togethers are merely starting up. This is a great time for you to be sure that your outdoor space is as lovely and efficient as you wish it to be. In this post, read about the hardscape and how it can improve both the efficiency and appearance of your outdoor room.

What is hardscape? And how will it improve your yard?

Two very valid questions. Hardscape or “hardscaping” is a part of landscaping. Instead of referring to the growing components of the yard, hardscape refers back to the inanimate components of landscaping. These 4 elements may be decks and patios; fences and walls; paving stones and concrete; even a pool or spa belongs to the hardscape. Partly, it’s because the nature of the materials utilized to construct these items. Yet, it’s also due to the fact that preparation of the ground to ensure proper drainage is so important.

Stone walls, paved walkways, tiled paths, wooden decks and patios are all considered to be part of the hardscape. In fact any elements utilized in landscaping that isn’t a part of the softscape (including plants, trees and flowers) all can be regarded to be hardscape components. With this description garden decorations like water fountains may also be regarded as hardscape.

Hardscape Improves Maintenance and Aesthetics

One advantage of having hardscape design in your home would be to improve its property value in case you opt to sell it later on. Besides this, since hardscape features aren’t living things, they don’t require the same degree of attention and care which a common lawn or garden would. This will make this specific subcategory of landscaping an ideal solution for owners who do not have the time or energy to devote to their lawn, especially if they live in dry or arid regions.

It is also important to examine exactly how hardscaping features may impact the overall flow of drainage in your yard. You need to very carefully plan each feature in order that it helps direct water from the home, instead of towards it. Ideally, hardscape features ought to work to the advantage of your plants, directing water flow toward those that require the most amount of water and away from plants that require better drainage. If done properly, a landscape that includes hardscaping aspects could be both beautiful and functional.


Landscaping Preparation Tips for Your Yard

Landscaping describes the activity of turning a free and open space into a an interesting and wonderful outdoor sanctuary for the family. Australia is a nation with landscapes composed mostly of low levels separated by rugged mountain ranges. Because of this, landscaping services in Brisbane is quite rampant and performed by so many. There’s lots of landscape organizations there that are very well-known with their artistic and creative landscaping patterns. A great landscaping relies on various factors like irrigation and enough supply of water, free flowing drainage system, beautiful plant life, weather condition, right installation of water sprinklers and power lights to focus on whole area even through the night time, covered sitting and parking arrangements, development of partitions and pathways, barrier and several other to include.

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Just before getting started on the landscaping, check the condition of the area’s soil and afterwards start off the developing and other development activities. Climate has an significant affect on landscaping as well, so when the weather changes it will have an effect on your landscape. Hence, the general idea of landscaping are the following; planning, construction, installation and maintenance.

The foundations of landscape design that happen to be interconnected range from the elements of oneness, size, harmony, simpleness, diversity, main focus, and sequence as they impact line, form, texture, and color. A design to be established must well suited for the household and will not demand repeated maintenance. But, when maintenance is not performed at all, there will be a consequence and the landscape will eventually be ruined. The suitable landscaping is inclusive of suitable irrigation and drainage system that does not allow water to get stagnant and eliminates the undesirable mud. It should not be pricey and matches the capacity of the family.

Excellent landscaping depends on the preference of its designer. Therefore, since the principles of landscape design are great tips to adhere to, never believe that they are really the strict rules of landscaping. Uniqueness and imagination are allowed. The landscape designer should take care of plant life that celebrate the times of year with the unfurling of foliage, the fragrance and aesthetic delight of flowers, and the bareness of branches in every season. Improvements on the landscape is certainly not constant as the seasons come and go. But, the designer should confront the difficulties of constructing a plan that’s satisfying on the senses and that pleasantly and beneficially enhances the physical appearance of the landscape at an economical cost.

Make Your Garden Lively With Garden Sculptures

The way you landscape your garden could have a great effect on the general view of your house. Your decision on the kind of plants and just how you place them in your area can add beauty to your residence.

Once your garden have the flowers that are blooming and green trees in a nicely planted, but yet you’ll still want something unique thing that must be put into your garden, then, statue is a superb extra view to it and you may find several beautiful pieces that one could acquire to add to your beautiful garden. If you do not like the options, you may create your own style. You can select between numerous materials such as garden stone statue, wood, resin, metal sculpture and concrete.

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Ensure that you decide on a statue in the garden that is fashionable. You have limitless choices for the shapes, what sort of form, characters and also angels. The statue might be preferred based from the theme. Fairy theme can be utilized in the garden, which may build your garden more pleasing to the children. Make use of the theme to make your children love the site to have their fun there. You can even make use of birds and animal statues to your garden.

The laughing Buddha is a great choice of statue that make the garden away from the bad energies. The child with a statue of sunflower is a nice add-on to your garden. Bond statues and statuettes flower are the good choice for nature lovers.

Sculptures are always known to be made of marble stones and granite. These will take time to sculpt out and so are to be chiseled to a finish. Nonetheless, when done, they become beautiful showpieces that happen to be ready for adoring any garden. Even you should buy one of these garden sculptures for your own private garden. It is considered that the more the sight of water falling from a height, the better the financial luck of that home. The figurines with pitchers placed at the correct place in the garden help in understanding this principle of Feng Shui to a better extent.

Garden sculptures can always be ordered on the internet. Go online and search for the typical garden sculpture of your choice. You would find your requirement available in one or the other internet shop in the country. The obvious benefit of internet shopping is the fact that it is possible to see the picture of the product you are buying.


Bird Baths Attract Garden Birds

Bird baths are pretty and functional ornaments to have in your garden. Not only are they beautiful but birds will love their reliable and much needed source of water all year-round. A bird bath could make your garden look very inviting and will add to a comfy atmosphere. Placing one close to your house will help you to enjoy the many sounds the birds provide but too close and the birds may be disturbed too often to fully enjoy it.

There are several ideas to look out for when buying a bird bath. A bird bath which rests on a pedestal may be put just about anywhere in your garden. It should possess a sturdy bottom to prevent it from tipping and it is necessary for have it high enough off the ground to ensure that animals cannot reach it easily.

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The most famous bath on the market is a pedestal bath. You will be able to get them in most garden centres or online merchants. This consists of a bowl or basin that sits on a column and is held on a base. Pedestal baths will entice most types of birds and are available in several designs so you will be able to find a pedestal bird bath that suits the style of your garden easily. Be mindful that it is not very bulky for your garden; some can be quite ornate or ornamental and could look out of place.

If backyard space has limitations, or someone lives in an apartment or condo, a free-standing bird bath is probably not a realistic choice. As a result, a deck mounted bath can be a good option for that particular bird watcher.

The answer for freezing in frigid weather will be a heater. You could have a heated bird bath or you can put in a heater. You may get heated mat that will lie upon the bottom of the water. The mat will not harm the birds. There are several types of that have heaters in them already. The cord will be able to be wrapped up for the summer months, out of sight.

A solar bird bath in the garden is a great approach to attract some friendly birds to your backyard. The solar bath is a consideration as a result of options that they can incorporate. These options can include lighting for night use, a water fountain for the tranquil sounds of water splashing quite often, and a heater that may be installed to help the prevention of water freezing during the winter in cold climate zones. You may get a solar bath that’s self-contained that has the solar panels are already built into the unit.

If you like nature, getting a bird bath for your garden adds some delightful sound for you. Additionally it is a very nice gift for friends.


Common Lawn Diseases Which Affect Lawns

Every lawn, whether new or established, is vulnerable to a number of lawn diseases. Many lawn disease begins with a fungus. Fungi are an oddity because they do not set seeds; rather, they propagate by distributing spores in their area. A few of the spores are picked up by wind or animals and distributed in new locations. Below are a few of the very most common tuft diseases that could attack your luscious green grass.

The first disease is the dollar spot. It shouldn’t be any surprise the reason why this disease got its name. The straw-colored, small sized circular spots that show up on golf greens and sometimes bigger spots on lawns should be a dead giveaway. At times the spots overlap causing a more general blight that is not as easily observed for diagnosis.


To get rid of this lawn disease feed your sod in the spring and fall. Use light nitrogen often and make certain to remove and destroy infected grass clippings. The next measure for curing the condition is to keep normal thatch levels so that the water can simply attain the soil by penetrating through the soil. You can also take the help of a lawn scarifier for dethatching.

Orange color is generally produced by fungi living on the grass plant. Rust disease as an example leaves orange-colored spores that come off if you rub the grass between your fingers. They’re harmful and may get rid of the grass, however they generally won’t kill the whole thing off. If you have rust disease you will need to treat your lawn to minimize damage.

The easiest way to getting rid of rust is by aerating your lawn. You ought to water your lawn well in the morning hours and lower shade to the grasses. You should also mow your lawn more frequently with bagging of the grasses. Furthermore, it is possible to raise the nitrogen level of the soil by following a normal fertilization schedule. Should you decide to make use of fungicides, you can look at Triadimefon and Anilazine.

Next is the red thread disease which looks like areas of pink grass. It is possible to see red or rust colored threads on the grass. This lawn disease adores cool humid climates. These patches at the area affected are normally found in irregular shapes. Ironically, it is possible to only completely identify the disease as soon as it reaches its more advanced stages.

For proper lawn care fertilize in spring and fall. Add lime as required, improve drainage and remove all infected grass clippings. You may also utilize fungicides, particularly during wet weather. It is recommended to make use of fungicides which contain carbendazim or benomyl.

Sometimes, it may look that it is an impossible task to keep a lawn weed and pest free Lawn weeds won’t worry about your vision of what’s beautiful and so they will compete for every drop of sun, water and bit of tasty nutrient available. Basically, it’s a combination of actions which help make sure your lawn is what you want to be just like careful and regular mowing , appropriate watering, feeding the lawn and use of herbicides.