Decorating Tricks to Steal from Stylish Scandinavian Interiors

Want to lead a more simple life? Then, start with the simplicity and pureness of Scandinavian design style in your home decor. This may be a very serious style, but it also a very warm one. People wanting a stylish and casual interior design often end up with Scandinavian interior design.

What is it with those Scandinavians, anyway? Maybe all the time they spend inside during those long northern winters helps to account for the fact that everyone in Iceland, Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Norway has an absolutely perfect home. (At least according to the design blogs I read, anyway.) I’ve scoured the internet for the most beautiful Scandinavian spaces, and tricks you can steal from each one to get that super-stylish look… without spending the whole winter indoors.

Above: Want to make a really bold rug work? Keep the other elements in the room subdued, so that the rug can take center stage. This colorful Moroccan rug (in a space from Bolig) looks especially nice against a dark floor.

Playing with textures in your decorating can be just as interesting as playing with color. In this Swedish apartment spotted on Nordic Design, the colors are muted, but rich textures — from the lamp, the pouf, the rug, the textiles on the couch and on the bed — keep things interesting.

There’s a lot going on in this space, but it doesn’t feel overwhelming because the color palette is fairly muted. Also, even though there’s quite a bit of furniture in the room, it’s spaced out enough to allow each piece room to breathe. Negative space can be really important — it allows the eye to rest so that a room reads as interesting and not chaotic. Home of stylist Emma Persson Lagerberg, spotted on Nordic Design.

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