DIY Weekend Home Decor Projects

“Weekends are the only time that we can just lie down on our beds or relax doing nothing after a very busy week. However, there are also times that we our hands get itchy and we want something beneficial to be done. Well, why don’t have a DIY project at home over the weekend? It’s doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll shell out a lot of cash as there are a lot of things which can be done in an easy and cheap manner.”


1. Redo Your Front Door

Give your house curb appeal with these fast fixes for your front door. A fresh coat of paint, and a few accessories, can change the entire look of your home!
red front door of house


2. Create an Instant Mudroom

Start with a bench — it provides both a focal point and a place to slip on boots; individual cubbies offer family members a catchall for scarves and gloves. A boot tray collects shoes along with drips and mud; a rug softens the surface underfoot. Then use accessories to establish your style.

a cozy entryway



 3. Easy Porch Makeover

A few small (and affordable) solutions can turn a bare front gallery into a full-fledged outdoor room.
porch swing




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