Door Maintence

In any buildings or home, a door is something that is essential. It acts as a passageway to separate whom is allowed or disallowed into your personal space of either your home, room or office, providing us with a sense of security and privacy.

What most people do not know is that like any other furniture or appliances in your home, a door should be well maintained. Speaking with a repairman from Sincere Home Services, here are some things that we should note about our door.

1) Room and main door

There are various doors in the market. Fire rated wooden door is common for our main door while room doors are usually hollow in the middle. The difference in the hollow mid would affect the weight of a door as such the main door would require more support from the hinges. Lack of hinges or rusty hinges can cause the entire door to sag down.

2) Glass door

floorspringMore common for offices and bath room, the mechanism that supports glass door are either hinges or floor spring. The difference between them is that floor spring helps to ensure that the door remains close by working as the name suggest like a spring that pulls back the door after opening.  The main problem for glass door is usually their alignment.

Repair work that you as a user can take are usually minimal as most repair requires the removal of the door first however, what one should always note is that most damages on doors are cause by moist since the hinges are made in metal. Wooden door can absorb moist too causing it to expand out of shape.

Door repair services should be engaged if you are looking to remove the entire door so as to prevent damages to the surrounding frame which are usually harder to repair and in most cases require a replacement which can be a considerably costly job.

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