Eclectic Style

Eclecticism implies getting various styles from different resources and combining them. Simply it’s a kind of mixed style in fine arts. This term explains a single art work with a range of influences; it’s a vast field covering diverse areas like painting, architecture, music and decorative arts.

It’s great to be curious and open to new things. Most well-decorated homes have a predominant style, but not to the point of becoming “museum perfect”. Even great rooms along with other traditional spaces cry out for a touch of imagination. This can be accomplished by bringing together varied elements to decorate with flare and fantasy. Some people prefer a more eclectic style of decorating where they incorporate a few different decorating styles in their property. This will work efficiently should you do it in a harmonious method in which makes a cohesive part, as opposed to just throwing a variety of styles together. Create a harmonious flow with your choices to help make your room more welcoming and comfortable for you and your household.

(C) The Home Design

Here are a few basic components of eclectic style that could help you gear up interior design tips for your place.


Eclectic style can be a mixture of eclectic colors but it is smart to go for something neutral so it could complement all the aspects of the place together. Creams and browns serve best for this purpose because they assure that the design is not mislaid in many tinges. This is one of the great bedroom tips to spruce up your humble house.


There’s no boundary to furniture selection in eclectic style. You may opt to use anything from flashy carved chairs to simple enamel coated cabinets. Generally, the paint covers up the range of the style and the type of furnishings.

Artwork and Decors

Trendy art pieces for the walls, unique knick knacks found at variety stores, and thick throw pillows decorated in nubby textures with added fringe are typically great additions for the eclectic look. Don’t be afraid to mix different types together, as eclectic decor ought to be entirely based on what you love, rather than what you think looks “right.”

Focal Point

Pull your design together having a focus like a piece of artwork or a major furniture piece that pulls your eye to it once you enter the room. For instance a vignette of vases at varying sizes, heights and colors may add an eye-catching focus point to a room.


Combined together, finishes and textures tend to be the elements that set the eclectic style apart from the rest. Finishes are the only elements that are basically not a mixture but materials that separate the eclectic look from looking like a mixture and present it with its own individuality.


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