Everything you need to know about tropical garden design

Ordinary gardens today do not give enough effect or life in the surroundings. There are numerous kinds of garden and one is the tropical garden. Tropical garden idea has become popular for the past several years. Plants utilized in creating a tropical garden give several different colors that happen to be very attracting to the eyes.”

Let yourself go troppo in the garden! In tropical and subtropical regions of Australia, there’s a growing trend for gardens that resemble the lush surrounds of five-star resorts we dream of visiting.


Hiring a professional designer is well worth the money — not only is the end result visually alluring, any potential problems can be addressed at the start. Colourful vistas, linear pathways and focal points create the structure of the garden and help link indoor rooms with outdoor spaces. Formal paths and straight garden beds contrast with the ‘jungle’ plantings, while luscious palms, colourful foliage, timber furniture, Balinese lanterns and brightly covered cushions complete the resort style…

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