Great handmade craft gifts that kids can make themselves

“If you have a crafty kiddo at home, why not let them loose with ideas to make something for you and will actually come handy to use? There is nothing nicer than a homemade gift from a special child in your life, and if you can encourage the kids to make presents for their grandparents and other family they will be treasured forever. But it is hard to think of something that will be useful as well as “handmade”. We’ve collected some ideas together below, but there are many other crafts on the website which can be adapted into gifts so have a good look around!”

Great handmade craft gifts that kids can make themselves

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We are always pinning DIY projects that kids can actually do (with maybe just a little help here and there, of course) on our Printables+DIY Pinterest board. 

When it comes to getting gifts from my kids, I always love the handmade ones the best. It doesn’t matter if it’s imperfect or inexpensive, as long as it comes from their heart. And hey, even our kids’ teachers agree.  So, if your kids are starting to wonder what to get you–or your partner, their siblings, their grandparents, or their coaches–take an hour to hang out and help them make some of these fun handmade gifts designed just for kid to make. Even if you aren’t Uber Crafty Person yourself, we think you can all pull each of these off.

The number of DIY ornaments on Pinterest that are impossible for kids (let alone grownups) to do well is amazing. I’ve tried some salt-dough ornaments in the past, and they were a terrible disaster; but these happy little Reindeer Thumbprint Ornaments at Little Bit Funky are a great DIY ornament idea for kids. Relatives who want a sentimental gift will love the thumbprint, but they’d also make an easy and inexpensive gift for classmates or teachers because they’re just so cute.

Boring pencils with a washi-tape makeover make great stocking stuffers. Since our kids are already begging us to use our washi tape, we’re going to let them cover pencils using this tutorial we found from Omiyage Blogs Pretty Crafty Things. So simple for even preschoolers to do, and they’d make cute gifts for siblings, classmates, and teachers.

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