Home Alarm System Choices

Even though we would like to manage to afford a high-tech monitored alarm system to guard our family in our home, many of us cannot. These high-tech systems could cost big money for getting set up and then there is that monthly monitoring fee that when you don’t pay can cause your alarm to become useless. Thank goodness we can get affordable home alarm systems that are not monitored but are helpful to boost the safety level of your property and help to protect your family from criminals.

There are several different types of alarm systems available out there. They take advantage of various technologies for detecting various disturbances that can offer you a lot of choices to choose from. Many of these are totally able to detecting trespassers through the use of detectors. You can find 3 primary types of unmonitored home alarm systems and they are the Auto Dialer, the Voice Alert and the Siren Alarm.

1. The Voice Alert Alarm
The Voice Alert Systems are highly effective in alerting the individuals of the organization or house in case there is fire or any other danger. These work on a pre-recorded voice which alerts the people and directs them in following the several protective measures in evacuating form that place. These devices are also created to provide protection to your home, with similar safeguarding level as for the organization. The features of the system rely on the price and its manufacturing.

2. Auto Dialer Alarm
The Alarm utilizes an infrared system that is extremely unique; as it picks up motion in the specific area. As soon as it picks up movement, an alarm will sound at a whopping 105db and 5 phone numbers set by you will receive calls. 105db is similar to the music of a jackhammer, a helicopter or a subway train. That type of noise won’t go unnoticed. The system then calls up to 5 pre-selected telephone numbers in order until someone answers. These can be your number, trusted friends or the police.

3. Siren Alarm
A security system of this nature can be hard-wired or wireless, with wireless units mounted at the range of up to 300-feet from its receiver or indicator box. A great distance between siren and received is usually better in clear or clear areas. A heavy-duty siren can sound an ear-shattering noise, often in the region of 80 – 120 db.

As you can tell there are many variations in the available inexpensive home alarm systems but you must be able to choose one which will meet your needs. Think about which kind of protection you need and need after which go from there.

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