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Locks are designed to protect people as well as their property against robbery and damage. You can find a lot of forms of locks available in the market today and all of them integrate some sort of bolt that’s used as the locking mechanism. Currently, you can get combination locks, time locks, chain locks and electronic locks. In selecting the right type of padlock and an appropriate keying system, one must have a careful consideration.

•    Dead bolts
Deadbolts are definitely the most dependable type of bolt. Dead bolts are secured to a steel frame on the inside surface of the door. Such deadbolts lock with a key from the outside and by turning a small knob from inside. Other deadbolts are set in the door. They’ve been labeled ‘dead’ simply because they could not be pried open. It is available in either a single or double cylinder type. Here as well, both the single and double cylinder deadbolt locks feature a key on the outside. The former has a thumb-turn handle inside and the latter with a key.

•    Mortise Locks
Mortise Lock has got a locking mechanism mortised (cut) in to the door. The doorknobs screw into the locking mechanism. Mortise locks contain either spring bolts, deadbolts or both. A deadbolt measure about one inch long gives maximum security. Mortise locks are incredibly strong when positioned in a stable door. Also, they could highly go with the outside look of any home.

•    Lever Handle Locks
They’re primarily used for the inside of an office. A residence may very well be equipped with these locks too but this is a rare occasion. They are utilized in offices a lot more than the knob locks as they could be much easier to use. Pushing down on a lever is easier for a handicapped than turning a knob.

•     Padlock
Padlocks commonly are not installed on any structure or device. It can be moved from one item to a different one and can be used wherever that needs to be protected. They come in sizes and so are of two kinds. One works on the key to open the locking mechanism whilst the other uses a dial that needs a combination of numbers to open up it.

•    Combination Lock
A combination lock makes use of a sequence or series of numbers or symbols to be opened up and accessed. The series of numbers and/or symbols may be inputted using one rotating dial, an electric or mechanical keypad. If your rotating dial is used, the dial interrelates with a number of discs or cams.

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