How to Conserve Water in the Garden

Among the most significant ideas to saving water in the garden is to select the best plants. Consider the rainfall in your area nowadays and the forecasts for the future also. You will need plants which will do well considering the variety of rain you are to expect in your location.

– Consider Drip Irrigation

In the case of garden water conservation, drip irrigation has always been an advised method. This kind of irrigation makes use of water better by delivering water (in drip form) right to the roots of plants. In comparison with other watering techniques, it will require far less water than other watering methods like flood irrigation and surface irrigation. Drip water irrigation or drip watering approach is an efficient option for home garden because it is not just economic but also convenient, time-saving, and cost-effective.


– Timers for Irrigation

Having irrigation timers can also help you to save water while being sure that you garden gets a good watering. Makes use of the timer to operate your irrigation system for half the time you normally do. Then about a 30 minutes later run it again. This helps you to avoid runoff, that wastes water.

– The Best Time to Water

It is necessary that you water at the right time of day to make the most use of the water for your garden. It is wise to water your garden around sunset or about sunrise. This way you don’t need to concern yourself with water evaporation which makes watering less efficient for your garden.

– Make Sure Your Equipment isn’t Leaking

Just like in any equipment in the home, you’ve got to keep an eye on your water consumption. Chances are you’ll suddenly notice a boost in your usage with no major changes in your activities or garden. This might be an indication of leaks. Check if your hose, sprinklers heads as well as any other watering systems are still in good shape.

– Utilizing Mulch

Putting on organic mulch to the top layer of the soil could let the soil to hold a cooler temperature. This could prevent the water from evaporating fast and consistent soil moisture is attained. Mulching will prevent soil erosion at the same time. A protective mulch layer on your soil is probably the best and easiest moisture retaining strategies you can put into use.

These are merely some things you can try to reduce the water you use in the garden. In this way you keep the garden ecofriendly by conserving water.

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