How To Style A Garden Window

You can enhance your window’s view with plants. You will feel refreshed if you look at the green garden and nice fragrance from the beautiful flowers all around your house. And it’s also a unique way of having a garden in your home.


When my hubby and I bought our house last year, we were thrilled that it came with a garden window, also known as a greenhouse window. This protruding glass structure with a sloping roof adds light to our interior, and it’s the perfect place to tuck plants and other decorative items. Many homes built in the ’80s feature these windows–do you have visions of them filled with figurines and stained glass ornaments?! Let’s bring these wonders of the past into the present, shall we? After all, many new homes feature them as well. Today I’m on the hunt for modern garden window displays. Get ready for some new strategies for combining retro design with contemporary style!

It’s All About the Plants

The first thing I learned when researching modern garden window style: there aren’t a lot of people making modern decor choices for these windows and posting them online! But I was determined to find some interesting ideas, so I remained persistent in my hunt for fabulous images. By far the most popular item to place in a garden window is plants!

One way to get a modern look: create a purposeful arrangement of plants. In other words, don’t clutter the window with random greenery. Put some thought into an arrangement that is bountiful yet anything but crowded.


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