Important Bathroom Products for your Family

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The bathroom is amongst the most dangerous places for the elderly and kids. Standing on a wet, slippery surface might be bearable to us but when you are dealing with older, disabled, or even younger family members, they are in particular danger. Here are some bathroom safety products that you can buy to really make the bathroom a safer area for your family.

i.    Bathroom Hooks

Bathroom hooks ensure that your towel and robe are placed in a safe location off of the floor. People often trip in the bathroom because they’ve placed their towel or robe on the floor. Setting up a few bathroom hooks guarantees that your towels and robes are in an obvious location and that they are not left somewhere where people can trip over them.

ii.    Slip Flooring

Many of today’s latest flooring for the bath do not become slippery when wet. There are also several choices for no slip bathmats, both in and out of the tub. However, it is vital that further care is taken, because these items just help minimize falls; they don’t totally prevent falls.

iii.    Shower Grab Bars

This is one of the most essential products that you can put in to prevent a fall in the shower. Grab bars or handles helps give support for those who have trouble keeping their balance or keep someone from falling. Normally, these are installed with just a number of screws or with powerful suction cups. It really is absolutely essential that these are set up the right way and firmly or it may cause serious injury if it comes loose.

iv.    Shower Chairs and Benches

For those that have been incapable of take a shower, a shower chair or bench could be an option. Most are small enough to fit in almost any shower or tub, but are sufficiently strong to keep up to 300 lbs. These products are created from specifically designed products that will resist build up from soaps and shampoos, and they’re mold resistant, as well. Some are shaped like a normal chair, with a back and arms, and others are a simple bench design.


Children and the elderly tend to be more prone to bathroom accidents. Hence, the most you can do is to ensure that they continue to be safe even if they accidentally checks out the bathroom alone. By simply implementing these 4 bathroom safety guidelines, you are going to vastly improve your bathroom safety and you will add organization to your bathroom space.

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