Landscaping Strategies for the Modern Home

“Outdoor areas are often the last to receive design attention, but they shouldn’t be: What surrounds your home is just as important as what’s in it. Whether it’s a manicured front lawn, stone paver pathway or intricate garden design, these spaces benefit from the same attention to detail as any bathroom or kitchen. Well-designed landscaping ideas can complement your home’s architecture and modern design, and the right plants, flowers and shrubbery can greatly enhance your curb appeal by adding color, texture and even fragrance to your yard.”


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One of the primary reasons that we maintain our Case Study House series is to experiment with design ideas on our own homes before we propose them on the projects we design for clients. In addition to the structure itself, these ideas extend to the surrounding property, and the Case Study House 2014 was an excellent testing ground for several landscaping ideas. We sought out some informal help via a trade in services from our friends over at Langstraat Wood, and Erik Wood was kind enough to provide some guidance on basic landscape concepts and plants, particularly at the public face and site edges. The landscaping in this project (as with most) will require time to grow, fill-in, and mature. Subsequently, the experiment is ongoing, but between the design phase, the implementation, and taking the final photos, we’ve observed enough potential to share what we’ve learned so far. Let’s start from the top and work our way down.

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