Lawn Fertilizer Chart

I know this is a little bit technical but you definitely need to know and eventually master this since this is important in your lawn care. I know that for some beginners, it might be very confusing at first. But bear in mind that you cannot always rely on professionals as it could mean additional cost. Learning is a step by step process so you don’t need to become an expert in just one sitting.




Are You Spending Too Much?

Lawn care may sound simple, but the cost of fertilizer, grass seeds and other treatments can quickly add up. Lawn fertilizer charts can help you figure out fairly accurately how much product you need. Without a lawn fertilizer chart, you can easily put too much product on your lawn and overbuy.

Typical Amounts: A Lawn Fertilizer Chart

Usually, it is recommended that you apply a pound of nitrogen for every 1,000 square feet of lawn. Most experts believe that grass grows the best with a fertilization ratio of one portion phosphorous, two portions of potassium and three portions nitrogen. However, the acidity of your soil and other conditions may change this ratio slightly. Most universities have a local garden extension office, or you’ll find a local county cooperative. They will be able to provide help with soil testing …


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