Perennial Vines for Shade

Perennial vines are known to cover unsightly walls or structures in the landscape. This vine would be an amazing addition to your garden especially if the flowers are in full bloom. It’s nice to relax having a cup of coffee while enjoying the beauty of vining flower garden.

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There are articles on the web that you can scan casually, but this list of perennial vines for shade for Northern gardeners is not one of them. If all you do is scan this piece, you may come away with some misconceptions. To avoid that, I advise reading it carefully and following the links provided for further research.

Why the warning? Well, there are not a lot of hardy vines for shade, and some of the ones available are not necessarily plants that I would recommend growing. Out of desperation, some gardeners may turn to these poor choices — only to regret it later. I am here to help you avoid making such a mistake, in the first place.

The growing conditions in shady areas are challenging for many specimens. To overcome the challenges, shade plants are sometimes quite tenacious. “That is a good thing, right?” perhaps you ask. Unhappily, tenacity can be a double-edged sword: some non-native plants are so tenacious that they end up on invasive plant lists.

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