“Nature’s plants and flowers have some of the most unique and authentic forms of artwork incorporated right into the body of the flower or plant itself.  Curiously, some of these manifestations wind up resembling human characteristics, and whether that is a neat trick of evolution or it’s just the way we perceive it may remain a mystery for all time.”

Paphiopedilum Keyeshill (own)

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Pretty picture: Paphiopedilum Keyeshill

 This one’s a nice, dignified, respectable-type Paphiopedilum. Nothing too out of the ordinary, though the petals (or are these sepals? I can never remember. . . .) are maybe a little narrower than usual for a paph.
anthurium 0331 2015 10 01 (own)

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Anthurium no. 0331 “Elvis Herselvis”

Elvis is the fourth seedling from the AX seedling group (seed parent: NOID red; sow date: 9 November 2012) to bloom, and as predicted, she doesn’t resemble the other three any more than they resemble one another. In fact, if anything, she looks like the odd one out: they’re at least all sort of orange, with spadices that are sort of beige, and none of them flip their spathes backward.
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