Pros and Cons of Wood Roofing Shingles

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Wood shingles are also called wood shake, and this kind of roof dates back for generations in history and come with an yesteryear style of charm that can only come with a wooden roof. As wood is a natural substance it is easy to acquire and manufacture. It allows your roof to breathe which makes it a great choice specifically in some warmer climates. However, it also has some negative aspects, and so you should examine whether it is ideal for your property.


Unless it is properly maintained and repaired, a wood shake roof will not be as durable as a roof made out of many other materials. This increases the lifecycle cost of the roof. Insects, rot, and mold present issues with this kind of shingle. From an environmental perspective, wood shakes are not desirable because they can’t be recycled. In addition, wood is not the best material to make use of for fire safety purposes. The spray or wipe-on fire retardants used on the shakes continue for just a few years and offer less protection against fires.

Another negative for wooden roofs is that they are more susceptible to infestations from insects and mold if not properly maintained, and they enable small woodland creatures an ideal spot to nest. Wooden roofs are a lot more costly than their asphalt cousins, and are more difficult to put in and maintain, however they do provide that historical value and look to your house


A wood roof provides energy positive aspects as it has an insulating quality. It also provides the roof with breathability. Shingles are laid on felt rows atop small openings that enable flow of air. Fire retardant is impregnated on pressure-treated wood shakes, leading to these to meet national standards for fire safety. A pressure treated wood shingle lasts longer than one made out of another kind of wood.

There are several timbers you can use for a wooden roof, anything from pine to redwood to cedar can be made into either wood shakes or wooden shingles for roofing application. While putting in a roof could be tricky, an expert roofer may have had experience and will also be able to provide you with a beautiful top for your residence.

For example take the Cedar’s beauty which is unsurpassed by any other roofing material. It may coordinate well with various different types of homes. Cedar shakes, unlike other roofing materials, naturally insulate your house. Because of this, it is going to decrease the amount of energy you have to heat and cool the house throughout the year costing you less.

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