Quick, Easy Techniques for Preserving the Harvest

In this article you will find basic methods for preservation of your harvest. With these techniques you can enjoy the harvest from your garden for an extended period of time.

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Most gardeners find growing a great tomato or a beautiful bed of zinnias is easier than keeping houseplants alive. ONE of the best parts of summer is having an abundance of fresh food from the garden. But that very abundance becomes stressful toward the end of the season when my before- or after-work strolls reveal perfectly ripe and delicious vegetables about to go to waste.

Some weeks I just can’t find the time to can tomatoes, make a batch of salsa or chili, or make jelly, jam or pickles. Maybe I should plant a smaller garden, you say? Well … I can’t. I could probably skip the eggplant and tomatillos and Swiss chard altogether, but they’re like old friends. I’m always glad to see them and I’d miss their distinctive form and leaves and flowers and fruit. I could surely get by without so many tomato and pepper plants, but they are so robust and so generous and so happy in my garden that come spring I just can’t reduce the number I plant.

If you, too, find yourself with more vegetables than time, here are a few of the super-quick, after-work solutions that I use to save some of summer’s bounty for cold winter days.


To preserve peppers for winter stir-fries, salads and sandwiches, all you need is a little extra space in the back of your freezer or refrigerator. I preserve both sweet and hot peppers, and the methods described below work well for either type.

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