Recommanded Singapore Plumber Service

Just last week i ran into a plumbing issue at my home and being a foreigner in Singapore, my main concern when looking to engage a plumber was the fear of being charged “extras” just because i wasn’t local. I have heard stories of how outrageous the cost of engaging a plumber can be in Singapore.

Without much of a choice, i Googled for a plumber online and was given a list of results. I was lucky as even thou the leak was pretty bad, there is a switch for the main water supply which i could turn off just outside my home. As such, i had the luxury of choosing which plumber i wanted to engage.

The search itself gave me several results but surprisingly the plumber i engaged was not found on the first page of Google itself. Now first thing first why did i engage this plumber service?

  1. The website itself was attractive and professionally made to me
  2. The timing they gave was good for me (within 30 minutes which he managed to fulfil)
  3. The attitude of the serviceman on the phone was excellent.

The plumber that arrived was a old man accompanied by a young guy. Thou their English is limited (they seemed to be Singaporean), i managed to communicate with the older worker just fine as he was quite a friendly chap. The work was finished nicely and the older worker was really confident in his work when i questioned him if the pipe might leak again in the future.

For those that want their information you can visit or call them at 6280 4615

From my understanding they do provide most other household repair work as well. As for the cost of the plumber service, it is within the range of $100-$200 which i found reasonable as i had heard of my friends paying $400 upwards (despite being quoted less than $100 on the phone).

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