Recommended Singapore Locksmith Services

While the locks of our home works well in ensuring our private space is not invaded when not wanted, it is kind of a hassle when the one that could not enter the home is actually ourself! Well, we all do lose our keys from time to time don’t we? I have not really kept count on the keys that i have lost but i do believe that if i am to include my car keys and cabinet keys, the number would not be lower than 5.

If you are like the forgetful type, my advice to you is to save the number of a locksmith in your home as well as write it down on a piece of paper and slip it into your wallet or purse. A locksmith can help you in situations where you find your self locked out of your home, office or even your car!

Yes car keys are one of the things that we can lose frequently. Dropping it out of the pockets or purse, only realizing it on reaching your car. The worst thing is once it is gone, chances are that we would not be able to find it back.

Should you find yourself in need of a locksmith in Singapore, the guys from are recommended for the simple reason that we have used them before. The locksmith (Sam) is a very friendly guy whom according to our conversation has been working as a locksmith since his youth (i believe he is currently on the high side of 40s making it at least 20 years in the trade).

Review: 4/5 star

Time take: arrived within 30 minutes of calling him.

Cost: Less than $100 for a night time call out.

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