Sewer line problems and how to detect them

Just the thought of sewer line issues makes most householders cringe. Problems with a sewer line can be costly, particularly if fail to detect an issue ahead of time. For houses which are served by a city sewer, the municipality will most often look after and maintain the line running ` the street. Having said that, maintenance of the line which functions from the house to the street is nearly always the responsibility of the homeowner.

• Causes of Sewer Line Problems

The obvious and probably most usual sewer line problem is a buildup of dirt that is created over time from repeat flow down the drains in your house. An additional likely hazard to sewer lines are tree roots that can affect underground sewer pipes making them crack or become clogged. Older pipes used for sewer lines were often made from clay or steel, and so are vulnerable to cracking or rusting with time. As these troubles are not easily seen, here are a few signs that you may have a sewer line problem.

• Toilet Bowl Water Level

Each time a sewer line is clogged, there may be inconsistency in the water level of toilets. In the event the water level in your toilet is unusually low, high, or just differs day by day, it is to your best benefit to call a licensed plumber to assess your line.

• Presence of Odd Sounds or Scents

If you see a distinctly different sound, like a gurgling, when water is draining from sinks, toilets or any other drains, it could be time for you to bring in a professional to examine the lines. Similarly, if you happen to notice strange smells originating from drains, or in the yard, a sewer inspection ought to be completed by a plumber immediately.

• Showers, Sinks and Tubs are Slow to Drain

Even though many homeowners are quick to go and buy a drain cleaner from the local home improvement shop, this might only solve a slow moving drain problem briefly. In old homes, the pipe materials could be severely damaged by the harsh chemicals over these drain cleaners, causing an even bigger problem. These off the shelf solutions are really caustic and are known to pollute local watersheds too.

• Age of Home

Should your home is older than two years old and to your knowledge has had minimal maintenance / attention paid to it. Older septic tanks and sewer systems may fail, if your system is old, in spite of not showing full blown symptoms of failure, the age alone is a warning sign. An inspection will tell you the status of your fixture.

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