Signs Your Kid Is a Genius

Do you think your child might be a genius? This article hopes to help you work out if your child is a genius or not and offers some advice on what you can do if it turns out they are.


When a precocious behavior catches your eye, don’t overreact but do pay attention. Every child in a stable situation, in which their basic needs are met, will exhibit flashes of brilliance here and there. Kids are full of surprises, and the unexpected is part of the fun. However, a pattern of outlier behaviors may mean you are raising a kid who will need engaging intellectual challenges. As parents, you’ll have to seek out appropriate educational opportunities and social situations.


Early Talking

He begins to speak in complete sentences before he’s even a year old. Pretty soon those sentences are grammatically correct, and he develops an advanced vocabulary along with his walking skills. You can skip the baby sign language because communication will not be a problem. As your chatty munchkin ventures out into the world, he will comfortably converse with grown-ups as a school-age or middle-school student, and may be unafraid to challenge adult opinion and argue convincingly for an alternate view.

An Eidetic Memory

Child at desk

Your baby recognizes people, things, or places, sometimes with as little as a single encounter. This might be a seldom-seen relative or a second visit to the children’s zoo. A toddler or young child may give directions to return home after a visit to a place miles, or hundreds of miles away. A little person may remember an event that happened when she was one or two, with precise details. A student will “study” for a quiz with a once-over of the material, and recall it thoroughly and accurately.

Reading Early

Some youngsters do read easily by age two, or even younger. Even though reading requires mastery of multiple complex skills the …


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