Smart Watering Plant Sitters for Your Garden

You don’t nee to worry anymore with your plants while on vacation. There are innovative solutions these days where you can still water your plants. So if you want to go back home without that shock on your face over your dead plants, then follow these steps.

Have you ever come home from a holiday to find that your plants are suffering from extreme thirst? Or even worse, have you come home to find the plants dead? It’s not always easy to get a plant sitter and it’s also not reasonable to stay home all the time. Heck, we all need to get away for the weekend and enjoy a little downtime. Your plants, however, keep on growing tirelessly even when you want to take a break.


Summer is the perfect time for weekend getaways like camping, cottaging, and boating. It’s also the time that the garden works the hardest. Summer heat and sun can be brutal on plants, with new plants, containers, annuals, and vegetables needing daily watering. Just one three-day long weekend can mean the end of these plants as they dry up and scorch in the hot sun.

After all of that hard work spring planting, you definitely don’t want that to happen!

If you can, work out a buddy system with some neighbors and water each others’ plants. But, with so many people planning to skip town in the summer, you may not be able to find a garden helper when you need it most.

I’ve had this happen to me often enough that I have put in some research and tried out some cool high-tech and low-tech products that can help to save the day (and your plants!).

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