Some Facts on Shower Panels

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A good shower is surely an advantage to any bathroom. A great shower can make a bathroom a showroom. Shower Panels are space savers, yet they offer a few of the same features available in custom-built showers. This is a total system of bathing that provide you three ways for water spray. Many of these pieces are space savers in the shower, with many being about 6 to 8 inches across and about 60 inches long.

Most of the people associate a shower with the head, and these panels also have one. Many of these will also have a hand held shower, helping you to focus the water in which you want it when you need it. These panels are much more than a shower-head and a handle. They merge extraordinary technological advances in features to help make the shower experience more fun. Among the most popular features seem to be the inclusion of up to 8 body spray units that may simultaneously caress your body with water streams. Bear in mind, most of these panels won’t be able to use more than one water function at the same time.

A number of these panels also come with additional features. Some designs include a rainfall shower head, which can gently spray the water on you, and other can have a massaging head where they’ve got many jets for the spray. A few feature anti-fogging mirrors on the panel, so you can shave while you are in the shower to help with razor burn and you’ll be able to find them with digital temperature readings. Many of them have more then one of such features as well.

They are mainly made from aluminum or tempered glass and can be custom-made that allows developing them according to your other bathroom amenities for instance shower panels, faucets, sink, bathtub, etc. They can be corner fitted or wall-fitted. A number of them have an optional base which even more enhances the elegance of the bathroom.

Installations of these are very simple. Many can have rear connectors which attach to your existing pipe and mount on the wall. If you like to have one in the corner, most of the panels include corner brackets to position it exactly where you would like them to be. A shower panel is the way of the future in bathing design, and having one in your house are available for a reasonable price and installed easily. The relaxation of the massage jets, a broad shower head and also the hand held shower make this an investment in pleasure.

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