Sprinkler Maintenance Tips

“An automatic lawn sprinkler system helps in achieving a green, healthy lawn easily.  But we need to remember that aside from taking care of our outdoors, we also have to consider the environment as whole. Thus, keeping your lawn sprinkler system in good shape  will ensure that there is no water wastage.”

Sprinkler Maintenance Tips

Not all sprinklers are created equal. In fact, some are better suited for particular tasks than others. And, some use water much more efficiently than others.

The good news is that regardless of the type of sprinkler that you use, there are simple things you can do to ensure that the right amount of water gets where it is needed.

Spring maintenance checklist:

  • Close all manual drains (they were probably left open when sprinkler system was drained last fall).
  • Slowly open the main valve, allowing the piping between it and the cross connection (backflow) prevention assembly to fill with water.
  • Pressurize the mainline from the backflow prevention assembly to the control valves. Have one of the control valves open while you do this, so air trapped in the piping can escape through the sprinkler heads as the pipes fill with water.
  • Have the cross connection assembly, or back flow, tested by a state-certified tester. Contact your local water provider for specific information on …


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