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Adorably Stylish: 15 Hello Kitty Bedrooms That Delight and Wow!

One of the most popular characters around the world is Hello Kitty. And I know girls would be crazy if  their bedroom is full of Hello Kitty decors. Who wouldn’t?! If you’re planning for a girl’s bedroom design why not go for a Hello Kitty-inspired design.

A global icon that cuts across national boundaries, cultures and eras – Hello Kitty, created by Yuko Shimizu, is a phenomenon unlike any other. This cute and seemingly expressionless character produced by Sanrio started its journey on a vinyl coin purse way back in 1974, and while the world has changed considerably in the last four decades, Hello Kitty still remains an integral part of popular culture. From kids’ accessories and bedrooms to the celeb wardrobe and fashion shows in Paris, Hello Kitty still can be found almost everywhere!

Adding Hello Kitty-themed décor and accessories to the bedroom elevates the ‘cuteness quotient’ of the space and also gives it a fun, whimsical vibe that is both unique and fashionable. You can even take this cheerful vibe into the teen bedroom and adult spaces without going overboard. Today, we take a look at 15 bedrooms that embrace Hello Kitty, even as we delve a little bit more into the delightful cartoon character itself.


Forever Cute!

Sure, we all have seen the image of Hello Kitty countless times (even if you are not particularly a big fan of the cartoon character), and there have been times when the music industry’s hottest icons adopted it as a fashion statement, but few know the fact that Hello Kitty is NOT a cat. That’s right; the makers of Hello Kitty insist that she is just a cartoon character – a little girl who is actually from London! Delve a bit deeper and you will learn that the first of November is her birthday, she is a third-grader and her favorite color is red.

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Bedroom Design Ideas

Besides the kitchen area, interior bedroom style is the most popular room to design in the family home. Its must not be just eye-catching but cozy at the same time. To get more cozy effect, don’t use the bright colors. Warm and fairly neutral colors should be chosen rather.

The very first step in styling the bedroom is to choose the textiles and base wall color. If you have already accomplished that, choose the furnishings that complements your fabric and wall color. For wall coverings, there’s no need to purchase really expensive art pieces. Rather, use one of a kind photographs taken by a pal or acquaintance to cover the walls. Or if you have an artist friend or perhaps you can make simple and distinctive artworks, that will be okay too. Now you will have unique wall hangings.

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Another advise in bedroom interiors is not to use tiles, marble and granite in the floors. Use wood or carpet for bedrooms, you do not want a very cold flooring every morning. The wood is amongst the most popular bedroom floor surfaces utilized by so many. To organize things or store things in place in the bedroom, you could utilize extra sophisticated cases. Or perhaps if your closet has more space, you could put your extra items in a single area or cabinet.

Moreover, the home bedding and curtains need to go well or complement your bedroom interiors. Many people would delight in having very dark curtains to keep out the morning sunlight. An alternative solution in this issue is to layer to 2 light colored curtains rather than using one dark drape. When the bedroom is a tiny , consider using mirrors on the walls to get the appearance of a bigger room.

Normal lighting could be available from ceiling fixtures, chandeliers, fan lights or decorative sconces, supplying you with the illumination you need to dress and see into storage and closet in the bedroom. The bedroom is not only a spot for comfortable night’s rest but will also a place to get your “me time”, therefore you must ensure that it has a peaceful and comforting ambiance. You will also need the best mattress and pillows to achieve that overall cozy feel.

I wish that you have already got plans in mind to follow. Placement of the bedroom furnishings are the important reason for creating a plan. In the event that several people use the area, then access to the double bed is needed for these people. It just takes a little ordering to make the most out of your bedroom space.If the interior bedroom design requires that electronic devices like television, the need for a stand and access to wall sockets, therefore your plan must think about this.

I hope that this will put you on the way to a very good bedroom interior design.