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Using Ferns in Container Gardens

Ferns are extraordinary plants that can create a huge impact in any home garden. It’s one of my favorite plants in our garden. There are many types of ferns available which can be grown in sheltered patios,  containers indoors, or pots. But if you want to plant ferns in a container, this article would be perfect for a beginner like you.

Don’t over look using ferns in container gardens. One of the most versatile foliage plants, there are over 12,000 varieties of ferns. They have been around for millions of years and come in all kinds of colors, textures and sizes. Ferns can be delicate plants with lacy leaves or a broad-leafed type which grows several feet tall.

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Use ferns in single planting containers on their own, or mix them with other flowers or foliage plants.

I generally like ferns in a single planting – part of their beauty is in the reach or curve of their fronds (leaves). I like to give them plenty of room in their own pot to do this. Then, I raise them up a level or two behind flowering containers to provide a backdrop for them, or I use them alone as a single container accent.

The importance of soil for ferns in container gardens

Probably one of the reasons that ferns in container gardens do well in single plantings is that they have a somewhat different soil requirement than many other plants.

In nature, ferns grow in woodland areas where the soil is rocky and sandy, but also contains a lot of organic matter from dead leaves and moss. If you live in an area near woodlands, take a walk and scoop up some dead leaves with mold and moss and add that to a soilless potting mixture. Most of us probably can’t do this, so use a soilless potting mix and make sure if has a peat component. If not, add some. Experiment a little to see what works best for you.
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Benefits Of Using A Planter Box

Container gardening is considered one of the latest fads in this technological era. It is one of the most feasible solutions in looking after a garden most particularly if there isn’t enough or short space for a garden to thrive. Container gardening is one modern means of maintaining a cool and relaxing garden without having to worry much about the location where it’s going to be set up.

With planter boxes, you find a wide range of possibilities and that’s the reasons you are able to use them to plant just about anything that you want wherever you want throughout your backyard, front yard, even deck, porch, or patio. For example, maybe you want to add just a few flowering plants all over the empty places in your deck, like in the corners or close to your grill. Well, what would be a good option for you then will be ones which are a little smaller and round in shape.


Utilizing a flowerbox to keep up your favorite flowers can make gardening simpler for you. You can place them in your porch, in the kitchen area or in the windowsill so as to check on them any moment. For a far better choice, you can acquire a self-watering flowerbox so that you don’t need to water your plants every once in awhile and avoid them from leaking into your floor and mess up your residence’s interior.

The very best advantage about using a planter box or a flowerbox is you can position them anywhere. As mentioned above, they could be placed on the porch, in your living room, kitchen, or even outside your window. Accentuate your windows by placing custom window boxes and planting colourful flowers on it. Pick fragrant flowers so that the fragrance could go in the home. Custom made window boxes are similar to planter boxes as well but they’re just attached to the windows.

The number of choices are endless with some planter boxes. Place one along a winding garden path and it becomes a stopping point on the short but pleasant journey to your backyard retreat. You can smell a flower or enjoy some refreshing shade prior to reaching your final destination. You may even make use of them as small gardens. One filled with tomatoes, peppers and cilantro keeps fresh salsa moments away, or you can try one with herbs such as mint and enjoy a refreshing mojito at a moment’s notice.

Consequently should you love to garden but you won’t be able to cater to it in your schedule, container gardening is the finest solution for you. By using a planter box for gardening needs less maintenance, the health of your plants are usually well taken care of, can be done both indoor and outdoor, and most of all they are very stylish.