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Repair of Timber Door

The doors in your home would mostly be made up of solid or semi solid timber. While sturdy, there are times when the door could get damaged. Some common damages that may occur to your door includes:

  1. Falling of door
  2. misalignment of door
  3. scratches on door (especially so for pets owner)
  4. damages on door due to rough handling
  5. Door scratching onto the floor when moved.

The above mentioned issues are very common in doors that are old. Some of the are caused by mishandling of the door while the others are caused by common wear and tear. To repair the above mentioned, here are some ideas which you can consider.

1. Falling of door:

The reason for most door to fall is due to the lack of maintenance on door hinge. In some case, the hinge installed is not sufficiently strong to support the weight of the door. You would be surprise at how heavy a door can be with some doors weighing above 30kg. To remedy this problem, try changing the hinge to a heavy duty set.

2. misalignment of door:

This problem is almost the same as above. The issue here is most likely a loose hinge that has moved from it’s original position. Instead of changing the hinge, try changing the screws. In most cases, use a screw that is slightly bigger than the one you extracted.

3. Scratches on door:

For such issues, we hope that your door is just a normal timber door and not a veneer door. For veneer door, there is nothing much you can do except to replace the entire door. For normal timber door, you can try using wood putty. Just scoop some up and apply with a scraper ensuring it is flat. Let the first layer dry up (which would cause it to sink) and patch a second layer. Once dried, sand it down and paint a fresh coat of paint over it. For those whom want it to look as good as new, paint the entire door and lacquer it as there will be differences between the old and new paint should you just patch up the affected area.

4. Damages on door due to rough handling:

Depending on what has happened to the door, you can try the above mentioned method to repair your timber door.

5. Door scratching on floor:

First check the hinges as per point 1. If the hinges are not the issue, it would be best to call in a Singapore door repair specialist. This is because the reason for the door to sag down in such cases are either due to expansion of wood (which would require shaving) or the timber might have loosen. Either case, the door has to be removed for inspection to be sure.